Keep your information secured without hindering sharing operations


Share this:    Information rights management gives you the power to control information within the company as well as extend the control after the information has been shared outside the secure boundaries. IRM protects the information in system, when it is being shared as well as when it is being used. Information slippage is a major problem […]

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How much is “enough budget” for cybersecurity?

Investing in cybersecurity

Share this:    As the year comes to an end, now is the time to start preparing for budgets and fighting for departmental budgets is never easy, and when the case is for company’s cyber security, it feels all the more vital. It is very hard to make-believe the management the benefits of something so intangible as […]

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5 common Cybersecurity mistakes that can put you in jeopardy

Common CyberSecurity mistakes that can cause Havoc

Share this:    Cyberattacks, data breaches are amongst the most pressing problems CISO face across the companies (small, medium or large) around the world. Yet despite the incidents being reported more frequently and more awareness about the danger there usually is a lacuna which causes havoc. There are simple protocols which must be followed all the time […]

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How will AI change cybersecurity by 2023?


Share this:    Codes are evolving, so are malware. Attacks have become more fluid, more sophisticated as they start with little unnoticeable things and when the jig-saw is put together the attack becomes massive. In a higher than ever connected world security must evolve to stay abreast with current as well as future threats. Machine learning, robots […]

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Locky Ransomware- Why this malware just won’t perish? Ykcol and Asasin- 2 more variants

locky ransomware

Share this:    Within less than a month, 2 new version of Locky ransomware have been released. YKCOL, locky spelled backwards and ASASIN extension. It came to light in a spam blast to 3 million mail-boxes on 19th September within 3 hours. ASASIN another variant has appeared on 10th October. The ykcol ransomware follows the same convention […]

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