How CIO can spread cyber security awareness among the employees

CIO spreading cyber awareness among the employees

Cyber security hacks and breaches have become more widespread and are more damaging now than ever before. In the previous years, cyber security of the organization rested on shoulders of a couple of people within a security team which would cover the entire organization. However, today every individual at the organization has to be vigilant […]

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Critical takeaways for CIOs from the 2017 cyber crimes!

Critical takeaways from 2017 cyber crimes

Cyber security of an organization has evolved dramatically over the last decade. In 2017, many such cyber security attacks and data breaches caused massive damage to numerous organizations with their data as well as reputation. Here are some of the most important lessons to learn from these security breaches: Conduct regular audits for data security […]

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Cloud based security and analytics is the key to network protection

cloud analytics

Cloud based security and analytics is a service model in which a key element of security or data analytics is provided through public or private cloud. Cloud analytics typically works on subscription pricing model or utility model (pay-per-use) pricing model. Key elements which make a service cloud analytics as per Gartner are- Data sources Data […]

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How can Zimbra VPS enhance your Top-line

zimbra vps

Zimbra Virtual Private servers hosting plans are highly customizable and can be scaled with your rapidly changing business needs. The plans are efficient and reliable on dedicated and shared hosting platforms for small to medium size business at competitive price which usually facilitates real time collaboration efforts like document sharing, editing, quick searching, instant messaging […]

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How much is “enough budget” for cybersecurity?

Investing in cybersecurity

As the year comes to an end, now is the time to start preparing for budgets and fighting for departmental budgets is never easy, and when the case is for company’s cyber security, it feels all the more vital. It is very hard to make-believe the management the benefits of something so intangible as Cybersecurity. […]

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5 common Cybersecurity mistakes that can put you in jeopardy

Common CyberSecurity mistakes that can cause Havoc

Cyberattacks, data breaches are amongst the most pressing problems CISO face across the companies (small, medium or large) around the world. Yet despite the incidents being reported more frequently and more awareness about the danger there usually is a lacuna which causes havoc. There are simple protocols which must be followed all the time to […]

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How to avoid Equifax breach with regular Vulnerability Assessments ?


Ever higher than before, the frequency and scale of cyber breaches continue to startle everyone. In this case, cyber thieves, via Equifax breach, made off with highly sensitive personal information including social security and credit card numbers of about 143 million users. However, one interesting information has surfaced that Equifax knew about the breach much […]

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