How does Advanced Threat Protection provide malware, ransomware free clean mails?

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced threat protection¬†provides advanced solution to handle smarter attacks. Let’s now look at how? News headlines over and over, even big Organizations with dedicated security teams fall victim to advanced targeted attacks.Major Causes of such headlines are : Rapid innovation in ransomware attack Frequent zero day attacks Smart malware attacks Higher degree of social engineering […]

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Locky Ransomware : Preventive actions before you are Next Victim

Locky Ransomware

Locky Ransomware attack increases 56,000 in March 2016 from 23,000 – 35,000 monthly in 2015, according to Symantec. Locky ransomware became so popular with the incident of attacking the system of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center during February. This is the worst ransomware nightmare of the year and the hospital had to pay $ 17,000 in […]

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Zepto Ransomware : What you need to know to protect your files.

zepto ransomware

Are you aware of the latest Ransomware :¬† Zepto Ransomware or Zepto js? There are numerous malicious program all through the web. However few of them are as hazardous and as difficult to manage as are ransomware infections. Ransomware is a genuinely new sort of virus that is altogether different. Few of them like Trojan […]

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