Use your own Data wisely to detect an attack!


Perennial, for a problem to exist that cyber-criminals areahead of security measures deployed. Your own data can be used effectively to hit the achilleas heel of the attacker.  Since the sophistication grows with time so must the traditional methods of security. Threat detection systems based on signatures, file checksums or blacklisted URLs are all passé. […]

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Cyber threats may wreak Havoc by 2020


India will face increasingly sophisticated “destructive” cyber threats as compared to the current scenario which is adding up to 200 million, malware related and 1,90,000 unique, intrusion related attacks in any given week. Gulshan Rai Indian cyber security chief briefed the Parliament’s finance standing committee that the cyber-attacks of nuisance and viruses of 2000’s have […]

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Increase Threat Hunting beyond ATP Tools


ATP tools are the core of most of the cyber-crime fighting software’s. Today, we have a generation of products from vendors promising state-of-art detection using machine learning, neural networks, and threat intelligence. With all the promises of safe keeping and the demo where the installed system detects and blocks the malicious stuff- we still have […]

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Do you know, if there is an intruder in your network!


You need to believe that you are being compromised before you start helping your organization stay secure. Intruders can very well lay low in the company’s network for weeks or months before they would actually cause any damage. Let us take you through a situation- Via the system of marketing head of you company an […]

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Current Cyber-heist- Not just personal or corporate!

cyber heist

Yes, you read that right. Cyber criminals are not just after your personal or corporate data of the companies but something much bigger. No doubt, personal or corporate data including health, financial data has many takers on the market of if not, the companies can be kept hostage for ransom. For some companies, however there […]

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Website leaks data of 120 million Reliance Jio users, Telco claims data is safe?

data leaks

This could be the biggest data breach in India. The data is supposedly leaked on a website called magicapk. The leaked details include sensitive user information such as- Name, Jio number, the region from where the sim has been activated, email id and even Aadhar number has been exposed. Magicapk showed the user information in […]

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5 ways to monitor DNS traffic for security threats


Monitoring DNS traffic can reveal a lot about Botnets on your network. Botnet-assisted Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most common forms of network abuse. Sometime back a botnet called Mirai got the entire American internet to standstill when it infiltrated the servers ofDyn- a company which controls much of internet’s […]

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SMBv1- a very old protocol causing Wanna-Cry: should it be disabled?


SMBv1 isn’t safe and what-so-ever update you run or patch you update the problem is- you are still running SMB1. Hackers behind WannaCry ransomware infected servers with vulnerable SMB ports before victimizing them with phishing emails. The original SMB1 protocol is 30 years old and it was designed for the 80’s world, a world without […]

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Steps to stop targeted and advanced threats

advanced threats

Targeted attacks reap big rewards. Large organizations and institutions have faced a sophisticated attacks and millions of customer data has been affected. Not only it causes financial losses but tarnishes the reputation. When does an attack become targeted attack? There are few specific details for an attack to be called targeted: When the attackers have […]

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