Formbook Malware spreading widely by clicking Microsoft URL shortcut files in your emails

Do not click Microsoft attachments from unknown senders Formbook

Be careful when you receive attachments to an email, it can be an entry point to Formbook Malware. Formbook malware mainly steals data from forms tracking keystrokes and form submissions, hence the name Formbook. It can also execute several commands on the victim’s machine from the attacker’s servers. It is widely being spread via malicious […]

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In the Tax Filing Season, beware of phishing attacks

income tax returns

Beware of email phishing attacks from hackers while filing your Income Tax Returns. In email phishing attacks, hackers smartly replace some characters of email address with other look-alike characters. Observe the below given E-mail addresses: First one is correct E-mail ID from the IT Dept. but if you observe properly the second one […]

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Advanced email security for e-mail hoax. Be safe!

Advanced email security for email hoax

Email are the lifeline of business communication and have been an important vehicle for cyber intrusion for cyber criminals.The sheer volume of emails being opened makes them a very easy and vulnerable target spots. A Symantec report suggests that there were about 198 billion emails in circulation each day in 2016. Also, another study suggests […]

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Received a new job offer? Beware- Genuine or Fake?

Fake Job Offers

Scammers are on the rise with more and more fictitious job offers appearing on job boards. More job seekers are being conned into traps to part with some amount of money or are becoming victims of identity theft. However, there are certain trends which can help user identify an email if it is fake job […]

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Alert!! Alert!! Alert!! : This is one of the most scary Gmail Phishing Attack 2017

Gmail Phishing Attack

If you are a Gmail user and keeping every Personal documents and Bank Details in your gmail account then you can not ignore this blog post.  Here we are covering a recent Gmail Phishing attack which has been captured by Wordfence in last week of january 2017. How Gmail Phishing Attack is happening? Phishing is very common […]

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5 Email Phishing and Email Spoofing Prevention Tips

Email Spoofing Prevention

Email Spoofing and Email phishing attacks are more rampant than ever. Phishing Emails flow right into your Mailbox all around the year. Here are some tips on identifying a phishing or spoofed email. Follow 5 Email Phishing and Email Spoofing Prevention Tips and keep your inbox as well as business safe: Watch Out before clicking Many […]

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BFSI again scores high for email security threats and cybercrimes in 2016

BFSI email security threats cybercrimes

BFSI Sector has always been favorite of all hackers and attackers. BFSI has always been top priority for email security threats and cybercrimes. According to Beazley Breach Insights July 2016 Report Hackers are targeting smaller financial institutions. During the first half of 2016, Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services managed 955 data breaches on behalf of clients, compared to […]

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How to identify Phishing Email and Phishing Website?

Phishing Email Phishing Website

Email Phishing attacks rose in the Christmas 2015 season, and have continued to climb in entire 2016. But  if we can identify Phishing Email and Phishing Websites, our half problem could have been solved. According to APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report states email phishing attacks statistics as: The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) observed more phishing attacks in Q1 […]

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Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016

Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016

Came across an article today morning – Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016 published on January 21st 2016 by author Ben Rossi. We are now almost end of 2016 – only 2 months to go. So thought to review it. Ben Rossi mentioned Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016 as Security as top most […]

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Email Phishing Vs Spoofed Email Vs Email Hacking

Email Phishing Vs Email Spoofing Vs Email Hacking

We often get confused with Email Phishing Vs Spoofed Email Vs Email Hacking. Earlier in May 2016, a news came that Binny Bansal’s email id got hacked, but later they confirmed it was spoofed not hacked. You can read the full story here. Just to make clear distinction, we are writing this blog : Email Phishing Vs […]

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