UIWIX Ransomware. The threat of WannaCry is not over yet.

Ransomware UIWIX

The evolved version of Wannacry ransomware; UIWIX Ransomware continues to shock the world. WannaCry Ransomware began spreading on May 12th but was accidentally stopped by a kill switch triggered by a MalwareTech researcher. However, it looks like the kill switch did not completely stop the spread rather slowed the speed. Hackers have since then updated […]

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WannaCry Ransomware: How it affected India? What could be done to keep safe? What is next?

WannaCry Ransomware

The Ransomware that shock the world started on 12th May as a massive cyber-attack no one has ever seen. By now more than 150 Countries have reported being affected by the cyber-attack and more than 300,000 machines have been infected with the virus. The kill switch was a temporary stop which has been fixed by […]

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The latest global cyberattack – Wannacry Ransomware.


On May 12th 2017, a ransomware of WannaCry or Wcry started spreading like wildfire starting from NHS system in UK. It spread to dozens of hospitals from where it spread to 6 continents affecting more than 100,000 machines! It caused chaos at hospitals, schools and universities, manufacturing shutdowns, and overtime for cybersecurity professionals.  Reports have confirmed malicious […]

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Matrix Ransomware: Spreading to PCs through Malicious Shortcuts

Matrix Ransomware

The latest addition to the growing threat of ransomware is the Matrix Ransomware. Though the ransomware has been active for quite some time now but it has recently seen a surge in attacks. Like all other ransomware, Matrix Ransomware holds computer data encrypted for ransom. The encryption is usually strong and no formal way is […]

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How are Locky and Cerber Ransomware Skilled at hiding themselves?

locky and cerber ransomware

2 of the 3 major ransomware families responsible for 90% of ransomware attacks are Locky and Cerber Ransomware families. They are acutely notorious in hiding in plain sight. The camouflage helps the ransomware to hide inside the system and attack when unexpected. Once they encrypt the files there is no other way except to pay […]

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PetrWrap: Cybercriminals stealing code from one another


The latest version of Petya based ransomware is PetrWrap. Petya ransomware has been distributed as ransomware-as-a-service wherein the creator of the ransomware shares the malware code as a product and shares the profits (ransom) after any attacker uses the Petya malware and succeeds.  Cyber criminals have found a way to use the code without sharing […]

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Kirk Ransomware: Star trek themed malware!

Kirk Ransomware

A new piece of ransomware has surfaced featuring star trek theme, named Kirk Ransomware, the first of its kind ransomware demanding Monero cryptocurrency instead of Bitcoin. It was discovered by Avast malware researcher Jakub Kroustek. Cyber criminals are turning highly sophisticated with better, more secure ways to ask for ransom and hence a first for […]

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Ransomware Spora: Everything you should know about it

ransomware spora

Spora is the latest ransomware trojan which is highly sophisticated in its attacks and well crafted. Security experts already believe that it will lead to next evolution of ransomware with freemium model of extortion and a sophisticated payment website in place. Why is Spora dangerous in its attack? 1.Unlike many ransomware present, Spora works offline. […]

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