The Dangers of Identity Theft

Dangers of Identity Theft

Identity Theft – what and how to stay safe? With cloud storages and online platforms growing stronger by the day, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we have digital equivalents of our identities up on the internet these days. SD Card filling up with photos? Save to Cloud! File Access necessary from all […]

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Third Party VPN services under threat of attack by the infamous APT5 Team

VPN services found vulnerable

VPN Compromised — Are you Safe? State sponsored hacking has been around for ages. It occurs when a nation’s government backs a cyber attack against another country or one of its departments. One such hacker team very active these days is the Chinese state-sponsored team called APT5. Their latest target? Virtual Private Networks. To be […]

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Checkpoint Security reports a shocking rise in Sextortion Emails

Checkpoint reports rising threat of sextortion.

There’re no lines cybercriminals won’t cross. Now they’ve resorted to sextortion! Malware was always a poisoned bit of coding A research project conducted by the well-established security company called Checkpoint revealed that cybercriminals have resorted to sextortion, a perverse form of blackmail aimed at harming victims on their sexuality. The report went on to say […]

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FakeNarrator Malware launches an all-out attack in the South-East Asian region

FakeNarrator Scam rattles South-East Asia.

Beware of FakeNarrator Malware Accessibility and Productivity play a key role in ensuring smooth functioning of any organization. Any service or product that enhances efficiency and reduces extra effort is always welcome. The tedious task of reading long documents can be made easier by using a narrator. But be careful, malicious hackers have not left […]

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NCSAM – Where Industries and the Government team up to raise Cybersecurity Awareness


It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month NCSAM is an internationally acclaimed awareness drive celebrated to promote the growing importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world. Held each year in the month of October, NCSAM is a mega-event observed across nations. It started with the primary intention of making the citizens of Canada and the USA more […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 3 of 3)

safeguarding against malware

All About Malware – Safeguarding Against Malware This is Part Three of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs.  Till now, we have learned what a malware is, and the different types of malware that can cause damage to your system. In the last instalment of this blog series, we will go over some ways […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 2 of 3)

Types of Malware

All About Malware – Types of Malware This is Part Two of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs. A short recap of Part One   As we saw before, malware is harmful code that hijacks your system and causes damage discreetly. Monetary gain and illegal access to private data are two foremost motivations behind a malware attack. We have learned of […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 1 of 3)


All About Malware – Introduction & Working This is Part One of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs. Malware — short for MALicious softWARE — is a running piece of code that is written with the intent to harm your machine. The bad news is that it is evolving with time. Cyber criminals are […]

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Amazon Prime Phishing Scam – Don’t fall for the “Account Frozen” Act!

Amazon Prime Locked Fake Email

Don’t Panic Online Shoppers, Amazon Prime is NOT Locked If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you might have received an Email saying your account has been locked. Do not take it seriously. New information coming out has warned that this is a classic act used by cybercriminals to launch an all-out phishing attack.  The email starts off […]

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Vloggers Under The Threat Of Phishing

vloggers targeted

Vloggers- the latest victims of phishing attacks Phishing attacks are not only getting more sophisticated but they are also expanding their horizons. The latest target? YouTube vloggers.  There is no doubt that YouTube is an influential and effective platform for a variety of creators, entrepreneurs and organizations. It offers content creators from diverse domains the […]

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