Bypass glitch makes Mac OS vulnerable due to improper code-signing implementation

Is your MacOS secure

Share this:    A bypass found in third party developers’ interpretation of code signing API allowed for unsigned malicious code to appear to be signed by Apple. All the third-party vendors have issued patch once they realized that their software was not interacting correctly with the Apple’s code-signing API. Without the patch, attackers can craft malicious code […]

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Beware of this Top 10 most misused Domains

Share this:    In the latest research it is revealed that, some of the latest TLDs (Top-Level Domains) such as .men, .work and .click are the riskiest and most misused domains over the internet. Ofcourse, there are many rogue .com and .net TLDs as well but research reveals these are lesser misused than the one mentioned before. […]

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Stay protected from Domain Spoofing – Know all about it!

domain spoofing

Share this:    What is spoofing? Cyber criminal can easily impersonate or forges domains, IP or Email ids to steal confidential information . Such domains, IPs or Emails are just a lookalike of the original Authorized identity that carries no scope of doubt for the Recipient, making it impossible to identify the actual Fraud for which he […]

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How to differentiate rogue URLs from the authentic ones

How to differentiate between a rogue URL and an authentic URL

Share this:    How can you identify if the domain is authentic or impostor? The answer may depend on your knowledge of Domain Spoofing and your familiarity with the IDNs International Domain Names. But there is one more point where you can take care to authenticity of DNS, your web browser. Using punycode, registration of domains in […]

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Why Blockchain may not be the elixir to internet security


Share this:    Every architect, builder and designer knows that the right tool can solve the most difficult problems in a jiffy but at the same time, that tool cannot be right for all the situations. There are a lot of confusions running around regarding Blockchain. Many consider it equivalent to bitcoins although both are different, bitcoin […]

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Top 3 cyber security concepts for 2018

2018 Cyber Security Concepts

Share this:    Cyber security is taking a new turn every year. Its very crucial to stay updated with the latest cyber security concepts and solutions to thrive in the market. The 2018 RSA Conference was exceedingly productive and proactive in bringing out latest cyber security concepts instead of relying on the outdated, legacy ones. Here is […]

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Internet Explorer Zero-day “Double-kill”

Internet Explorer zero-day

Share this:    A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that the VBScript engine handles objects in memory. The vulnerability could corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrary code, host website and lead the victim to view compromised websites. Kaspersky and Qihoo360 independently discovered this zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2018-8174)  for Internet […]

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