Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Things you need to be aware of

Cyber security awareness month

Share this:    Since 2003, October every year is recognized as the cyber security awareness month. It is a good measure to spread awareness via following simple themes every week of October- Week-1: Easy steps for online safety – Users of connected devices must know the basics of online safety. Consumer cyber security concerns should be addressed […]

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India Inc desperately needs to upgrade its cyber security- know why?

India Inc

Share this:    There has been a massive push from the government to digitize the payment, use Aadhar number with more transaction, job ids, banks, phone numbers, stock trading accounts. The government of India is making UID a universal Id for all the transaction a person does and this means a lot of sensitive, personal information will […]

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Smart Strategies for an end-to-end network security

smart strategies

Share this:    Network is the lifeline of any operating business. Almost 99% of the work is done using machines, connected in some way or the other be it LAN, WAN or cloud. Billions of devices are connected via the network and hence scalability of the tools to detect the attack is even more critical now.  Network […]

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Zimbra Collaboration Two-factor Authentication: Be more Secure

Two-Factor Authentication

Share this:    Two-factor authentication, or 2FA as it is commonly abbreviated, is a technology that provides identification of users with the combination of 2 different components. It adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure. Without 2FA, only username and password are required for login. The second factor adds more security to your account. 2FA […]

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5 cybersecurity question every CIO must ask in 2017

cyber security questions

Share this:    There has been a far greater responsibility on the Chief Information Officers(CIOs) to understand the challenges, solutions and trade-offs in terms of the organizations they are a part of. It is equally crucial that CIO’s understand the plans and programs companies undertake to address the issues so that a better representation of the entire […]

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Why Zimbra 8.8 ?

Zimbra 8.8

Share this:    A well crafted collaboration platform can increase productivity of your company significantly. Team cannot collaborate if they cannot communicate efficiently leaving aside the location and time-zone factors. Everyday new collaboration tools are coming up in the market and the existing ones are constantly improving and adding new features to their products. Zimbra is an […]

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Advanced email security for e-mail hoax. Be safe!

Advanced email security for email hoax

Share this:    Email are the lifeline of business communication and have been an important vehicle for cyber intrusion for cyber criminals.The sheer volume of emails being opened makes them a very easy and vulnerable target spots. A Symantec report suggests that there were about 198 billion emails in circulation each day in 2016. Also, another study […]

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CIO Strategies for selecting the best-in-class Collaboration Tool

Selecting Best-in-class Collaboration Tool

Share this:    Imagine working on a new software launch where the designers, engineers and marketing teams are spread across different countries and hence different time zones. In this scenario to get everybody on the same page and ensuring each one has the access to the latest files is a real challenge. A smart collaboration tool is […]

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How to avoid Equifax breach with regular Vulnerability Assessments ?


Share this:    Ever higher than before, the frequency and scale of cyber breaches continue to startle everyone. In this case, cyber thieves, via Equifax breach, made off with highly sensitive personal information including social security and credit card numbers of about 143 million users. However, one interesting information has surfaced that Equifax knew about the breach […]

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