India is amongst the top financial markets open to Ransomware attacks!

India finance markets

Share this:    India is growing, while economy is set to hit the $10trillion mark in a decade or so, clearly it is a great story but with this growth, digitization becomes great responsibility. The onus of making a robust infrastructure which helps in protecting the cyber services and digital information of the company is massive. Nearly […]

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How can Zimbra VPS enhance your Top-line

zimbra vps

Share this:    Zimbra Virtual Private servers hosting plans are highly customizable and can be scaled with your rapidly changing business needs. The plans are efficient and reliable on dedicated and shared hosting platforms for small to medium size business at competitive price which usually facilitates real time collaboration efforts like document sharing, editing, quick searching, instant […]

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In the Tax Filing Season, beware of phishing attacks

income tax returns

Share this:    Beware of email phishing attacks from hackers while filing your Income Tax Returns. In email phishing attacks, hackers smartly replace some characters of email address with other look-alike characters. Observe the below given E-mail addresses: First one is correct E-mail ID from the IT Dept. but if you observe properly the second […]

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Are you ready to migrate to HTTPS?

Secure your website with HTTPS

Share this:    With just a couple of months to go before HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) web pages being marked as insecure, are you well prepared to move to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) pages? HTTPS is nothing but the secured version of HTTP protocol. There are a lot many questions hovering around? Why HTTPs? How to […]

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5 Must Security Precautions while using third party softwares

5 Must Precautions before using third party softwares within your products

Share this:    The default Operating systems are becoming more and more resistant to attacks and hence most of the attacks take place via using third party softwares. A lot of exploits are caused by third-party plugins, even the standard ones java, adobe reader, Flash. When you use a third party software, be it a freeware or […]

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Secure your website before Google’s Chrome marks it Insecure!

HTTP Pages insecure

Share this:    Google has announced that starting in July, it will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’. With the release of Chrome 68 in July 2018, this is the way HTTP sites’ address bars will look like: Here is how Google explains the steps being taken by them: Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that […]

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Leverage the Office 365 Collaboration tools

leverage office 365

Share this:    Flexibility, mobility and simplicity is demand of the businesses. Office 365 and Sharepoint are excellent tools in the area of content management and collaboration. Sharepoint has however grown into a more complex product over time and doesn’t real fit the mobility aspect which is the need of the hour. But there are a host […]

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