Corporate Email Hijacking

Email Hijacking

Share this:   Corporate Email Hijacking: Know how it’s done Businesses contribute heavily to the email traffic flowing across the internet. Corporate email accounts of top-level employees or decision-takers who handle financials are vulnerable to email hijacking. The potential payoff here for cybercriminals is greater, simply due to the volume and amounts of the sensitive monetary details […]

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Protection Against Online Scams

Protection AGainst Online Scams

Share this:   Guidelines to protect yourself against cyber-scamming Digitisation has seeped into virtually all aspects of our interactions, from virtual copies of our identities to cashless forms of money. Every day, millions of digital transactions are made, some containing meagre amounts for small-scale purchases, others containing transfers of significant amounts between banks or individuals. Data from […]

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Cybercriminals target Windows 10 Update through Fake Emails

Windows 10 Update Ransomware

Share this:   Ransomware targets Windows 10 Update TrustWave SpiderLabs security researchers have uncovered a malware that is bound to claim lots of victims, especially since its source has been associated with a trusted name like Microsoft. The research report says that the Windows 10 Update Malware attacks victims through email, creating fake urgency. However, this is […]

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Fake voicemail notifications targetting credentials

Phishing using fake voicemails

Share this:   Fake voicemail notifications aid scammers to collect Office 365 login credentials Heard of phishing attacks? There’s been an update! They are no longer your usual garden-variety email-based attacks. As the average customer becomes increasingly suspicious of unauthorized emails in their inboxes, malicious attackers get more creative and expand their arsenal of weapons. The latest […]

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Phishing goes beyond email

Phishing beyond email

Share this:   While phishing expands its horizons, should your security? Expanding its customer base is one of the key strategies that a leading company uses to retain its position in the ever-competitive market. This is true for every industry and applicable to every business that wants to maximize its profits. It should not astonish you  to […]

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The Dangers of Identity Theft

Dangers of Identity Theft

Share this:   Identity Theft – what and how to stay safe? With cloud storages and online platforms growing stronger by the day, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we have digital equivalents of our identities up on the internet these days. SD Card filling up with photos? Save to Cloud! File Access necessary from […]

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Third Party VPN services under threat of attack by the infamous APT5 Team

VPN services found vulnerable

Share this:   VPN Compromised — Are you Safe? State sponsored hacking has been around for ages. It occurs when a nation’s government backs a cyber attack against another country or one of its departments. One such hacker team very active these days is the Chinese state-sponsored team called APT5. Their latest target? Virtual Private Networks. To […]

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Checkpoint Security reports a shocking rise in Sextortion Emails

Checkpoint reports rising threat of sextortion.

Share this:   There’re no lines cybercriminals won’t cross. Now they’ve resorted to sextortion! Malware was always a poisoned bit of coding A research project conducted by the well-established security company called Checkpoint revealed that cybercriminals have resorted to sextortion, a perverse form of blackmail aimed at harming victims on their sexuality. The report went on to […]

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FakeNarrator Malware launches an all-out attack in the South-East Asian region

FakeNarrator Scam rattles South-East Asia.

Share this:   Beware of FakeNarrator Malware Accessibility and Productivity play a key role in ensuring smooth functioning of any organization. Any service or product that enhances efficiency and reduces extra effort is always welcome. The tedious task of reading long documents can be made easier by using a narrator. But be careful, malicious hackers have not […]

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