Dark Web Exposes Computer-Server Data Transfer to Hackers

Dark Web Exposes Computer-Server Data Transfer to Hackers

Share this:    As startling as it may sound but cybercriminals now have access to the most-secured data files used to facilitate confidential communication between organisations’ servers and clients’ computers on the Dark Web. Although Ransomware have been available in the dark web as a service for quite some time now but security certificates is a new […]

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IMAP is the most exploited protocol. Office 365 and G Suite cloud accounts hacked


Share this:    One thing leads to another like a domino, with access to leaked credentials dumps, the speed and efficiency of brute-force attacks has improved significantly. Hackers have been targeting legacy protocols with these stolen credentials dumps. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the most abused protocol, IMAP is the protocol that bypasses Multi-Factor Authentication and […]

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Why should government entities adopt DMARC? And help get rid of suspicious emails!

government DMARC

Share this:    If you think confirmation of name of the sender of the mail is enough to assure its genuineness, think again! spammers can now forge the “From” address on email messages to make messages appear to come from someone in your domain. This leads to reduction in the domain quality. People who get the forged […]

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Logix SupportDesk Android App- Providing 24 x 7 support to all our customers

support desk3

Share this:    We believe in serving our customers without any delay. In order to provide complete and unhindered support to our 2200+ customers, we are glad to launch our SupportDesk mobile ticketing app on Google Play for an unmatched 24 x 7 Support at your fingertips! Logix SupportDesk Highlights: First-of-its-kind by any IT service provider. For […]

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Ryuk ransomware Attack on Jackson county fetches hackers a whopping $400,000

Ryuk Ransomware

Share this:    The entire computer system of Jackson County, Georgia was hit by a massive Ryuk ransomware attack on March 01. Authorities confirmed that the attack has affected all the departments. This ransomware leads to a complete shut down unless the files are recovered using the decryption key. Emails as well as emergency services were affected […]

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Beware of the increasing bank phishing frauds

bank phishing frauds

Share this:    All the banks are regularly advising their customers daily for being aware of the increasing phishing frauds by cyber criminals. The fraudsters send emails to the customers which look very similar to that from a bank. The mail would ask you to re-submit account details or credit card information. Hence, to remain safe from this […]

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Spear phishing is on the rise in 2019

Spear phishing

Share this:    One of the most dangerous and highly successful type of cyber attacks is spear phishing attacks. This is a highly sophisticated well engineered attack to penetrate into the defense of a targeted victim and has high likelihood of success. The attackers knows enough about the victim to communicate with the victim as an alias […]

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Latest cryptomining malwares uninstalls cloud security software

cryptomining malwares

Share this:    This is a new bread of malware! A very new malware is seen accomplishing never before seen function – uninstalling cloud security products! This new malware is capable of taking admin rights on targeted system by uninstalling the cloud-security products. Multiple occasions of the malicious activity are tied to coin-mining malware targeting Linux servers. […]

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Web applications: new back-doors to access private data

web browser main

Share this:    Multiple rogue web applications can be used to attack vulnerable browser extension and exploiting private data becomes easier for adversaries post the access is granted. This is alarming mainly because a normal person browsing the internet is caught unaware of something like this even exists. Various browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Opera extension have been […]

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Important cybersecurity statistics for 2019

cybersecurity statistics 2019

Share this:    Digital economy is growing everywhere in the world. Technology is changing our livelihoods in unprecedented ways. We cannot imagine life without internet or without using technology in our day-to-day chores. It has certainly altered the nature’s way of evolution, but it also means that there is a very different kind of warfare happening all […]

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