Business Email Compromise: A Complete Guide

Business Email Compromise

( 6 min read ) Email has become an inseparable part of any business. Sending invoices, making major decisions, updating your clients, scheduling meetings… all of these activities are now carried out using email services. That makes it all the more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the annoyingly continuous threats faced by organizations is business email compromise. After reading this […]

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Why Web Application Firewall Is a Must In Your Security Arsenal

Web Application Firewall - A Necessity

( 2 min read ) If your organization is cyber aware, you doubtless have procured some services and tools for your network security. As more and more organizations opt for high speed internet and wireless technology, it is that much more important to protect sensitive data from theft. If you have similar goals, a Web Application Firewall is a must. […]

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Major Data Breach of Government Computers

Major Data Breach

( 2 min read ) The National Informatics Center (NIC) and the Ministy of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) suffered a data breach in early September. The NIC is a governmental body responsible for quality information and communications technology (ICT). MeitY, in turn, promotes e-Governance for modern citizens, working towards continuous growth of the Electronics, IT & ITeS industries. A malware […]

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Look out for Covid-19 Related Cyber Scams

Covid Related Cyber Scams

( 3 min read ) While regulations have lifted the restrictions of strict lockdowns, common sense and the growing number of Covid-19 cases suggest otherwise. A lot of people are still stepping out of the house only when it’s absolutely unavoidable. Several industry sectors are continuing to operate from home. Individuals are depending on online shopping to fulfil their basic […]

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Email Invoice Fraud Prevention – A Concise Guide

Email Invoice Fraud Prevention

( 3 min read ) Business owners are now growing increasingly aware of cyber security concerns hanging over their heads like a dark cloud. That is why most business owners tend to automated security solutions. They can then focus on what matters most to them: running their business. One such concern that is causing monetary losses in the millions is an […]

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Logix is a Microsoft Gold Partner in India

Logix Microsoft Gold Partner

( 2 min read ) What are our offerings as a Microsoft Gold Partner? For some time now, the corporate sector has been all about collaboration. Even before the pandemic began, corporates were keen to shift as much of their work on the cloud as possible. This allowed for remote access, enterprise messaging, offsite collaboration, and easy access for employees […]

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4 Ways Fraud Invoices Can Affect Your Business

4 Ways Fraud Invoices Spread

( 2 min read ) Why Worry About Fraud Invoices? Fraud Invoices could victimize any business. Invoice fraud is a type of attack in which a fraudster sends fraud invoices to targeted businesses. The main objective behind sending fraud invoices is to attempt to extract money from companies with vulnerabilities in their account payment processes. The challenging part is that invoice fraud goes […]

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