Rise in Phishing Attacks


Cyber Criminals Are Circling the Phishing Pond Cyber security surveys suggest that phishing is the most common type of online attack, claiming more and more victims as technology advances. Because it occurs in many forms, it might be time to familiarize yourself with phishing. There are various tricks cyber criminals use to attract unsuspecting people. […]

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Formjacking Attack And How T Protect Yourself From It

Formjacking Attack

Are you under an invisible attack? “Who would be interested in stealing data from someone like me?” he said and went on to hit ‘Submit’, oblivious to a threatening attack.  Are you someone who sighs every time you need to take pertinent precautions with your online presence? Do you know someone who might ask themselves […]

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Imperva Hacked

Cyber Threats

Imperva Hacked: API Keys, SSL Certificates Stolen Based in California, USA, Imperva offers Cybersecurity software and services designed to protect enterprise data, detect and block malicious attacks and other web-based security measures. However, Imperva itself suffered a cyber attack last week when a data breach affected users of Imperva’s Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF). This […]

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MS Word Trojan Malware out to steal your information

MS Word Malware Trojan

Alert: This Trojan Malware aimed at stealing bank details and personal information is spreading via infected Word documents. Which Malware? The Ursnif Trojan, a banking malware that has existed for more than a decade in some version or another since 2007, is back with a shrewder strategy. What is new This malware is aimed at […]

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Coping up with evolving priorities and challenges of CISOs

Coping up with evolving Priorities and Challenges of CISOs

With the increasing cybersecurity attacks the role of CISOs have evolved drastically from their roles 20 years ago. CISOs have climbed up the executive management ladder due to their increase role in scale, scope and importance. Cybersecurity has become increasingly critical to the bottom line for many organizations, and the associated risks and costs have increased […]

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Make your employees -your Strongest link in Cyber Security

Are your employees actually aware of the latest cyber security threats?

Your company may be using the latest software, hardware and other resources to protect against cyber security threats but unless your employees are aware of the latest malware, ransomware and phishing attacks, the purpose of all the cyber security tools will be defeated. A recent report by Proofpoint, Beyond the Phish , revealed that employees […]

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American Express customers targeted by Novel Phishing Attack


American Express customers were targeted with a Novel Phishing attack for stealing customer credentials. The scammers targeted both corporate and consumer cardholders with phishing emails full of grammatical errors but with a small but deadly twist: instead of using the regular hyperlink to the landing page trick, this one used the HTML element to hide the […]

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Increasing cyber attacks calls for increased security audits within IT companies

Increasing cyber attacks calls for increased security measures

Indian IT companies did not give high priority to cyber security but the increased number of cyber attacks have lead them into reconsidering their security. Clients typically had a generalized languages in their cyber security contracts for ensuring their protection from hackers but an exponential increase in cyber attacks have shown more is required. “It […]

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Whatsapp to take legal Action against App Misusers and Spammers

Whatsapp to take legal Action against App Misusers and Spammers

Whatsapp has announced that it will take legal action against individual and companies sending bulk messages in violation to its terms and conditions. These days Whatsapp is highly being exploited in circulating fake news and false informationg creating a havoc among the populace. For these reasons the company has been under fire from the Indian […]

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India ranks second in cyber attacks with 38 attacks per second


India is a country with the second-largest number of account take-over logins – close to 1.38 lakh login’s per hour in 2018 cited by ‘Credential Stuffing: Attacks and Economies’, a 2018 Akamai report. An Account Take Over (ATO) occurs when a stolen login and password combination is used to access multiple accounts using bots. Remember […]

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