Blocking Bots – The Role of an Advanced WAF

Blocking Bots with Advanced WAF

( 4 min read ) These days, we don’t go online. We are online. All the time. Especially with a majority of the population working from home and being “always-on”. Traffic to websites has grown exponentially. Be it work, entertainment, information, or reading articles lazily because you are bored… Add to that the fact that most of our activities like […]

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5 Business Benefits of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Business Benefits of Cloud-To-Cloud Backup

( 2 min read ) Barracuda recently undertook a global IT survey to address the changing needs of remote collaboration, cloud computing, cloud data security, backups, and recovery. From the survey, it was made clear that the traditional methods of data backups and recovery were unsuitable for the current times. To handle the transition to the cloud, Barracuda introduced their […]

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The State of Office365 Backup – Barracuda’s Cloud to Cloud Backup

Cloud To Cloud Backup

( 2 min read ) Research in recent cybersecurity and IT trends has demonstrates that the shift to remote work and offsite collaboration has intensified the challenges of data protection and backups. With more and more data and applications being served from the cloud, Barracuda commissioned a survey with global IT decision makers (titled, ‘The State of Office365 backup’) about […]

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Server Hack Costs 1.5 Crore in Losses

Server Hack Costs 1.5 Crore

( 3 min read ) Case Specifics A private company based in Pune recently suffered from a server hack. The hackers, who remain as of yet unidentified, were able to get to sensitive financial credentials. Using these, the hackers were able to authorize the transfer of a jaw-dropping 1.5 crore rupees to their own bank accounts. The company officials didn’t […]

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Data hacked during EPFO-Aadhar seeding

epfo aadhar

( 2 min read ) Cyber criminals seem to have hacked the EPFO data which holds information like name, Aadhar card number, bank details of 2.7 Cr Indians. The vulnerabilities in Aadhar seeding with PF accounts may have been exploited to steal the data. The statement from the EPFO came amid reports of a letter allegedly written by EPFO Central Provident […]

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Smartly defining RPO and RTO for Disaster Recovery Plans

Smartly define RPO and RTO

( 2 min read ) Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are 2 most important parameters for a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. RPO is referred to the point in past which you will recover to in case of any disaster. In another words, it is the threshold of how much data you can afford to […]

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