The Benefits of BIMI for Email Marketers

Benefits of BIMI for Email Marketers

( 2 min read ) About BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) BIMI is an emerging email authentication protocol that allows your brand logo to start showing beside all your valid outgoing emails. Benefits of BIMI are manifold. BIMI helps you improve your brand visibility, by continuously building your brand’s good reputation and trust with every outgoing email. BIMI was […]

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Microsoft Fails to Block O365 Email Spoofing Attacks

Microsoft Fails to Block O365 Email Spoofing Attacks

( 3 min read ) Microsoft is under the gun again for cyber fraud. 200 million+ users are at a risk of O365 email spoofing attacks. Security researchers have confirmed activity around the same. They have also identified some domain areas which will likely be the hot targets for these spoofing attacks. Office 365 users working in financial services, healthcare […]

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Fraudster impersonated a prominent bank’s email domain to commit fraud

Prothious Email Domain Fraud Case

( 2 min read ) Bank’s Email Domains Impersonated to Commit Fraud Against Prothious Engineering Services An Engineering Service company called Prothious Engineering Services, became a victim of this fraud activity, thus incurring a loss of around 20 Lakh. An impersonated IndusInd email id sent repeated emails to Prothious. The email contained requests for details like mobile phone numbers, current […]

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Coronavirus Sparks A Series of Phishing Ruses

Coronavirus Phishing Ruses

( 3 min read ) Curb your instincts; don’t open emails just because they claim to contain news about the Coronavirus pandemic. We have already demonstrated in an earlier blog how empty of basic decency cybercriminals are. For them, pandemics and worldwide traumas are nothing more than fodder for sustaining their ill-intentioned campaigns. However, the purpose of this blog is […]

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Conversation Hijacking – The Latest Sneaky Phishing Technique

Conversation Hijacking

( 3 min read ) All About Conversation Hijacking One of the biggest yet age-old perils of technology is the theft of user data and internet scams. Phishing techniques are neither new nor uncommon. However, new and improved technology brings with it the challenges of even more advanced phishing techniques, making it harder for security companies to navigate privacy-related concerns. […]

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Using Artificial Intelligence To Battle Email Phishing

Artificial Intelligence Against Email Phishing

( 2 min read ) Artificial Intelligence: A possible way to go when it comes to Email Phishing The purpose with which email was so aggressively taken up for advancements itself makes it so prone to intrusion. Email is without doubt a powerful medium for commercial and to some extent personal communication. So, to facilitate its primary purpose, email security […]

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Best Practices For Online Security

Best Practices For Cybersecurity

( 4 min read ) Security Practices for Your Business — How many can you check off your list? When it comes to online security, size stops mattering. A giant name of the industry is as likely to be targeted as a company having a triple figure strength. Conversely, a small company, through the use of bulletproof security approaches and […]

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Ukraine Targeted by a Russian APT Hacker Team

Russian APT Hacker Team Strikes Out

( 3 min read ) Russian APT Hacker Team Strikes Out The Military and the Government are under the gun once again. The country of Ukraine was very recently targeted by a Russian APT Hacker team. The intended targets of this attack weren’t just high-ranking decision makers, but also lower level officials working under the Government in fields like Journalism, […]

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Defence Ministry Targeted For Phishing

Warning Issued To Defence Personnel

( 2 min read ) Warning Issued for Defence Personnel The defence ministry has issued an emergency warning to all defence personnel not to open a malicious email making the rounds of the defence services. It all started after the Armed Forces were targeted for a cyber-attack on Friday 6th December. The attempt alerted the cyber wing of our tri-services […]

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Most Likely Phishing Targets

Targets of Phishing Attacks

( 2 min read ) Organizations Most at Risk of Phishing Phishing is a rapidly damaging cybercrime that has targeted a wide variety of domains and organizations. It has evolved past email into Vishing and Smishing. The question logically arises: who are the intended targets of these attacks? Why do the cybercriminals feel the need to come up with newer […]

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