Corporate Email Hijacking

Email Hijacking

( 3 min read ) Corporate Email Hijacking: Know how it’s done Businesses contribute heavily to the email traffic flowing across the internet. Corporate email accounts of top-level employees or decision-takers who handle financials are vulnerable to email hijacking. The potential payoff here for cybercriminals is greater, simply due to the volume and amounts of the sensitive monetary details of […]

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Why should government entities adopt DMARC? And help get rid of suspicious emails!

government DMARC

( 3 min read ) If you think confirmation of name of the sender of the mail is enough to assure its genuineness, think again! spammers can now forge the “From” address on email messages to make messages appear to come from someone in your domain. This leads to reduction in the domain quality. People who get the forged emails […]

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World’s largest companies have adopted to DMARCs reject policy

( < 1 min read ) Large companies across the world receive phishing emails every day. There are a number of these companies who are still not aware of DMARC, however, a large number of big companies have started following DMARC policies. Companies that have adopted DMARC have seen impressive results in the fall of suspicious emails entering the company domain […]

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What is DMARC? Why is it important for your business?

DMARC policies

( 2 min read ) What is DMARC? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is a technology advancement in preventing email and domain spoofing. It ensures that emails go through a domain based check and then sent to the recipient. It uses DKIM and SPF standards along with additional standards of its own. It is really challenging to tell […]

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