Why Zimbra 8.8 ?

Zimbra 8.8

A well crafted collaboration platform can increase productivity of your company significantly. Team cannot collaborate if they cannot communicate efficiently leaving aside the location and time-zone factors. Everyday new collaboration tools are coming up in the market and the existing ones are constantly improving and adding new features to their products. Zimbra is an up […]

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How to select best email archiving solution for your company?

email archiving solution

A very important task is selecting an e-mail archiving product. Since archiving is a long-term proposition, so it’s crucial to evaluate the available solutions. The solution you choose must be flexible enough to adapt the company needs. A powerful archiving solution can help boost productivity levels and improve company performance. Few factors on which the […]

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Received a new job offer? Beware- Genuine or Fake?

Fake Job Offers

Scammers are on the rise with more and more fictitious job offers appearing on job boards. More job seekers are being conned into traps to part with some amount of money or are becoming victims of identity theft. However, there are certain trends which can help user identify an email if it is fake job […]

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Finding the appropriate Content Management System(CMS) for your Organization

CMS Content Management System

In today’s market, you can find a Content Management System(CMS) at arm’s length. How do you pick the right content management system for your organization? Selecting the right CMS is a daunting task with a wide variety of open source as well as commercial offerings. A CMS is very important for coordination of marketing and […]

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Email Backup Vs Email Archiving : Which one to select?

Email Backup Vs Email Archiving

Email Backup Vs. Email Archiving is the common confusion that holds true for many organizations due to Industry standards Regulatory compliance Best practices It has become mandatory to keep email data for extensive periods of time. But at the same time this exhibits additional challenge of regularly developing email storage. If an Organization is running email on-premises, […]

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Choosing Office 365? Think – How to handle Office 365 email archiving

Office 365 email archiving

If you are choosing Office 365? Re-Think – How you will handle Office 365 email archiving Organizations today have started barbarously shifting their obsolete office suite towards robust and intense Microsoft Office 365. And the most recognizably reason of this shift for its prominent office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Exchange. Office 365 offers an organization […]

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