Securing your email and network requires a paradigm shift in Mindset

cyber security

Nearly every day a successful digital breach is reported. Major organizations, government bodies, hospitals, companies, public offices have been victims of massive-sophisticated attacks all over the world. Last decade the pace of digitization and technology building has been tremendous and the coming decades promise even more high-end technology in day-to-day activities. Given that resources aren’t […]

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Finding the appropriate Content Management System(CMS) for your Organization

CMS Content Management System

In today’s market, you can find a Content Management System(CMS) at arm’s length. How do you pick the right content management system for your organization? Selecting the right CMS is a daunting task with a wide variety of open source as well as commercial offerings. A CMS is very important for coordination of marketing and […]

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Email Backup Vs Email Archiving : Which one to select?

Email Backup Vs Email Archiving

Email Backup Vs. Email Archiving is the common confusion that holds true for many organizations due to Industry standards Regulatory compliance Best practices It has become mandatory to keep email data for extensive periods of time. But at the same time this exhibits additional challenge of regularly developing email storage. If an Organization is running email on-premises, […]

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