Fake Greta Thunberg Email Spreads A Dangerous Malware

Fake Greta Thunberg Emails

Fake Greta Thunberg Emails Used to Ensnare New Victims Stories of brave individuals fighting for the overall betterment of our environmental conditions warm our hearts. We all felt a collective energy as we supported Greta Thunberg, the 17-year old environmental activist. It is unfortunate that hackers are misusing this pure sentiment to their own illegal […]

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DNS Protection

DNS Protection

Protect Your DNS – How & Why? DNS or Domain Naming System is a computer server which accommodates public IP addresses with their corresponding hostnames. A DNS server essentially contains a database which stores a mapping between hostnames and IP Addresses. The standard naming convention for IP Addresses follows the dotted decimal format, for example: […]

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Ransomware Causes 300 People To Lose Their Jobs

Ransomware Causes Massive Layoffs

Ransomware Forces An Organization To Let Go Of 300 Employees Ransomware has been known to cause a lot of monetary loss. Typically used to exploit the chaos caused by locking a person out of their own system, never before has it affected so many people at once. According to a cybersecurity report, 2019 has been […]

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Emotet botnet malware hidden within fake Christmas party invites

Malware found in fake Christmas Party Invite

Beware: Your Christmas party emails could be infected with malware Nobody likes downers when it comes to the holiday spirit. No matter where we are, we all love to bask in the Christmasy atmosphere. However, much like The Grinch, hackers are looking to kill the mood. They’ve resorted to what they know best: malware. This […]

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Fake voicemail notifications targetting credentials

Phishing using fake voicemails

Fake voicemail notifications aid scammers to collect Office 365 login credentials Heard of phishing attacks? There’s been an update! They are no longer your usual garden-variety email-based attacks. As the average customer becomes increasingly suspicious of unauthorized emails in their inboxes, malicious attackers get more creative and expand their arsenal of weapons. The latest strategy […]

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Phishing goes beyond email

Phishing beyond email

While phishing expands its horizons, should your security? Expanding its customer base is one of the key strategies that a leading company uses to retain its position in the ever-competitive market. This is true for every industry and applicable to every business that wants to maximize its profits. It should not astonish you  to let […]

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The Dangers of Identity Theft

Dangers of Identity Theft

Identity Theft – what and how to stay safe? With cloud storages and online platforms growing stronger by the day, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we have digital equivalents of our identities up on the internet these days. SD Card filling up with photos? Save to Cloud! File Access necessary from all […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 1 of 3)


All About Malware – Introduction & Working This is Part One of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs. Malware — short for MALicious softWARE — is a running piece of code that is written with the intent to harm your machine. The bad news is that it is evolving with time. Cyber criminals are […]

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Amazon Prime Phishing Scam – Don’t fall for the “Account Frozen” Act!

Amazon Prime Locked Fake Email

Don’t Panic Online Shoppers, Amazon Prime is NOT Locked If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you might have received an Email saying your account has been locked. Do not take it seriously. New information coming out has warned that this is a classic act used by cybercriminals to launch an all-out phishing attack.  The email starts off […]

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Vloggers Under The Threat Of Phishing

vloggers targeted

Vloggers- the latest victims of phishing attacks Phishing attacks are not only getting more sophisticated but they are also expanding their horizons. The latest target? YouTube vloggers.  There is no doubt that YouTube is an influential and effective platform for a variety of creators, entrepreneurs and organizations. It offers content creators from diverse domains the […]

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