India’s Biggest Demat Depository Breached

India's Biggest Demat Depository Breached

( 3 min read ) Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL), a security firm liaised with the Bombay Stock exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) allegedly fell prey to a vulnerability in their own applications, thus causing a serious data breach. The depository maintains data for crores of traders in India. If these allegations are true, this will be the biggest […]

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Omicron Phishing Attacks Already Started

Omicron Phishing Attacks

( 3 min read ) Back when Covid-19 had started spreading around the March of 2020, we had already expressed our disgust at how cybercriminals will exploit any current event no matter how tragic or globally impacting. The Covid-19 phishing attacks were proof that hackers are always set to pounce at whatever opportunity they can get, no matter how humbling […]

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TodayZoo Phishing Kit Creates the Franken-phish Phishing Monster

TodayZoo Phishing Kit

( 2 min read ) A bizarre phishing campaign is afoot, using a tool called as a phishing kit to steal passwords. What’s so strange about this phishing campaign is it uses bits and pieces of code from malicious code written by other hackers. The kit, called as the TodayZoo Phishing Kit, has recently come to Microsoft’s attention. Explaining the […]

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SBI Customers Lose Money to a novel bank phishing attack

Bank Phishing Attack - SBI Customers Lose Money

( 3 min read ) Several customers of the State Bank of India have started filing complaints of losing their account money. The incident, which started in late September 2021, is suspected to be caused due to a bank phishing attack. India’s Computer Emergenct Response Team (CERT-IN) has sent out a prudent alert to all SBI customers to take action […]

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Russian Threat Group After 14,000 Gmail Accounts

Russian Threat Group Target 14,000 Gmail Accounts

( 2 min read ) A Russian-linked hacker group, APT28, purported to have been on a month-long phishing rampage, targeting Gmail accounts. According to Google, who publicized a security update on the 8th of October, 14,000 Gmail accounts were targeted by this Russian threat group. Read ahead to understand how hacking groups select and target victims, and how preparedness can […]

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The 7 Worst Data Breaches of 2021

Top 7 Worst Data Breaches

( 4 min read ) Because every business is now online, it generates plenty more data than it used to previously. Naturally, it needs to store this data somewhere. To manage the volume and availability of this data, it is stored digitally, most often up on the cloud. That’s why data has become as valuable as actual money, both for […]

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Ransomware Trends In 2021

Ransomware Trends in 2021

( 4 min read ) Ransomware attacks have been on a steady rise in 2021, both in number of ransomware attacks and also ransom amounts. There are trend shifts also in the ransomware targets, with more and more hackers pressing where it hurts most: pivotal infrastructure and software supply chains. An attack so deep into a system is bound to leave trailing mayhem…  The analysis being […]

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Ransomware Attacks Rise By 64%

Ransomware Attacks Rise

( 3 min read ) Between August 2020 and July 2021, there has been a 64% increase in ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity researchers analysed 121 ransomware incidents in this window period and determined a 64% year on year increase. Trends and findings Were these augmented attacks carried by newer gangs of cyber criminals? They weren’t. All of the analysed ransomware attacks […]

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GoDaddy Data Breach – Data of 1.2 million Customers At Risk

GoDaddy Data Breach

( 2 min read ) A popular web hosting provider and domain registrar, GoDaddy, recently fell prey to a serious data breach which led to the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy Customers being exposed. It was around November of this year that the GoDaddy data breach was discovered. A Brief on the GoDaddy Data Breach Chief Information Security Officer, Demetrius […]

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Office365 Phishing Scam

Office365 Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) When your go-to productivity applications start getting caught up in phishing scams, it makes you take a step back and wonder whether any vendor’s application is truly safe without a third-party security service. Microsoft has been facing a lot of heat from the hackers, be it the Hafnium group or the Dark Halo group. Another […]

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