Why Professional Email for Small Businesses Is a Necessity

Why does your business need a professional email

( 3 min read ) Mailing goes with business operations like hand and glove. Today, sending and receiving emails is visceral part of day-to-day business operations. But what kind of email IDs you use make a big difference to how your business is perceived by peers and professionals. If you’re still using free emailing platforms like Gmail, we’re going to […]

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Proofpoint Phishing Attack Harvests Email Logins

Proofpoint Phishing Attack

( 3 min read ) In a recent Proofpoint phishing attack, email logins for Microsoft and Google for several hundred employees were stolen. The cybersecurity company was impersonated and phishing emails were sent on its behalf. The scoop on the Proofpoint Phishing Attack Cybersecurity researchers spotted a phishing campaign aimed at a global communications business. Thousands of employees within this […]

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Ukraine Faces Cyber Trouble – Ukrainian Bank and State Websites Hit

Ukrainian Bank and State Websites Hit - Ukraine Faces Cyber Trouble

( 2 min read ) Global situations with respect to Ukraine are dire. But along with geopolitical issues, Ukraine is also being hit by wave upon wave of cyber-attacks. Several Ukrainian Bank and State Websites, including those of the government, foreign ministry and state security services had been non-operational on Wednesday 22nd February, due to massive DDos attacks. Ukrainian authorities […]

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Corporate Email Server Breach – Activities of Squirrelwaffle

Corporate Email Server Breached - Squirrelwaffle Malware At Work

( 2 min read ) An email server breach at Microsoft’s Exchange servers was detected by a security firm. A threat actor has infiltrated Microsoft Exchange email servers in several parts of the world, to sneak into their messaging capabilities. The end goal of this email server breach is to access the hacked victim company’s email communication and use Exchange’s […]

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Accenture in The Crosshairs of Lockbit Ransomware Attack

Lockbit Ransomware Attack

( 3 min read ) A well-known consulting firm, Accenture, has fallen prey to a ransomware attack by the infamous Lockbit group. The Lockbit ransomware attack, infamously called Lockbit 2.0, has resulted in a data leak of Accenture’s encrypted data, which is currently under the duress of the hacker gang. Lockbit is blackmailing Accenture that it will publish the data […]

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