Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite Become Hot Targets for BEC

Office 365 and G Suite fall prey to BEC

( 3 min read ) FBI Reports Suggest BEC should be treated as seriously as Ransomware For businesses, the resource that needs to be protected with utmost care is capital. To that end, businesses that are aware of security concerns are often worried about protecting themselves against ransomware attacks, as these directly burn a hole in the company purse. We […]

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5 Reasons why you should consider Microsoft Office 365 over Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange

( 3 min read ) Picking the right cloud answer for your business email can be hard, considering the diverse offers you need to take a gander at. Which choice is the best for you? If you are hosting your own particular email servers on-premises for quite a while and now are planning to move to the cloud, you have 2 options […]

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