Looking to migrate Zimbra to Office 365? There’s a better alternative to upgrade: Zimbra + Office 365 Hybrid

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Alternative

( 3 min read ) Zimbra is one of the leading email collaboration solutions in the market. It is a robust, flexible and affordable mailing solution. It comes with all the features you need for messaging and collaboration. However, as per the organization’s requirement, business owners plan to migrate Zimbra to Office 365. One reason is scalability. Zimbra, while powerful, […]

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The Free Covid Testing Phishing Scam

Free Covid Testing - A Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) A Major Phishing Campaign Is Coming Your Way, Promising Free Covid Testing As the government dips its toes into opening up the cities again, we see the Covid-19 cases fluctuate. On the one hand, people are eager to resume normal routine, but on the other, the number of rising cases is cautioning us the worst […]

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GSuite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution

The Zimbra-G Suite Hybrid solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s G Suite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution Any business needs mail servers to streamline their electronic communication. A powerful, properly chosen mail server can do wonders for your email communications and transactions. Most businesses have realized that only power users are utilizing the potential of the solution and general users are only using basic […]

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Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra | Hybrid Mail Solution

)365 - Zimbra Hybrid Solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s Hybrid Collaboration Solution: The Power of Two Giants at Your Disposal Collaboration is the buzzword of today’s world. Remote working has become the norm, and the lockdown gives no indication of getting over any time soon. As we get into the grove of offsite work, we are slowly getting past the initial discomfort of […]

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Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite Become Hot Targets for BEC

Office 365 and G Suite fall prey to BEC

( 3 min read ) FBI Reports Suggest BEC should be treated as seriously as Ransomware For businesses, the resource that needs to be protected with utmost care is capital. To that end, businesses that are aware of security concerns are often worried about protecting themselves against ransomware attacks, as these directly burn a hole in the company purse. We […]

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Cloud Email Vs On-premise : Statistics and growth

Cloud Email Vs On-premise

( 2 min read ) The cloud email market is still in the early stages of adoption with 13 percent of identified publicly listed companies globally using one of the two main cloud email vendors, according to Gartner, Inc last year. So we thought to highlight Cloud Email Vs On-premise : Statistics and growth Gartner found that : 8.5 percent of […]

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3 Key Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Trends to watch out in 2017

( 3 min read ) As digitalisation continues to unfold, interaction with partners and customers is changing into progressively vital for businesses. According to Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017, AI and Advanced Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps will be trending in 2017. Watching all these spaces Enterprise Messaging provider Logix Infosecurity has identified 3 Key Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Trends 2017 […]

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Hybrid Cloud Email : Choosing the best of breed

Hybrid Cloud Email

( 2 min read ) This is an era of  Hybrid everywhere – Choosing the best of breed. Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Apps and now Hybrid Cloud Email. Like the word “Hybrid” speaks about mixing two and choosing the best of the two, Hybrid Cloud Email also provides combination of 2 Messaging platforms. Be it Office 365 or Google Apps. Factors […]

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Why BFSI Industries prefer hybrid mail providers for Business Email?

Hybrid Mail Providers

( 2 min read ) Business email requirement for BFSI industry works differently altogether. Employees of BFSI Industries need  messaging platforms with: Multiple device access Online storage drive to create and share spreadsheets and presentations Audio video chat etc. Microsoft office 365 is the appropriate solution to rightly address these requirements. BFSI Industry also need to cater partners, contractors, agents and they […]

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Hybrid Mail Solutions : combining Office 365 & Cloud Zimbra

Hybrid Mail Solutions

( 2 min read ) Before we discuss Hybrid Mail Solutions, we might want to guide your regard for one basic query. If your organization makes a strategy of providing smartphones to all your employees,Will you be giving Apple iPhone to everyone or will you be making a strategy based on eligibility criteria like 1. CXO will get Apple iPhone. 2. Sr. […]

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