Haryana Hackers Steal INR 1 Crore

Haryana Hackers Steal INR 1.05 Crore

( 2 min read ) Haryana hackers defrauded ISGEC Heavy Engineering company and nicked an amount of INR 1.05 crore. These hackers intruded upon ISGEC’s communication with foreign suppliers in France and Germany. Anil Sunder, VP, material department of ISGEC, gave direction to the legal action that unraveled. The investigative authorities focused their attention on a London-based bank, which was […]

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Your Guide To Prevent Phishing – Know How Hackers Think

Your Guide To Prevent Phishing - Know How Hackers Think

( 4 min read ) Cyber criminals are getting creative with their ways and organizations have to lookout for new ways to prevent phishing attacks. You do need to stay abreast of cyber news, so you can spot newer ways hackers are targeting businesses. But if there was a way you could understand the primary methods hackers use to plan […]

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Pune-based Engineering Company Duped Out Of 50 lakhs

Pune-based engineering company duped

( 2 min read ) It’s cyber fraud cases like these that remind us of the gravity of cyber security. A Pune-based engineering company, with an MNC status no less, fell prey to a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack. As a result, it lost around 56,000 euros or approximately 50 lakh INR to the cyber-attack. Case Specifics The hackers supposedly gained illegal access […]

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Email Invoice Fraud Prevention – A Concise Guide

Email Invoice Fraud Prevention

( 3 min read ) Business owners are now growing increasingly aware of cyber security concerns hanging over their heads like a dark cloud. That is why most business owners tend to automated security solutions. They can then focus on what matters most to them: running their business. One such concern that is causing monetary losses in the millions is an […]

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4 Ways Fraud Invoices Can Affect Your Business

4 Ways Fraud Invoices Spread

( 2 min read ) Why Worry About Fraud Invoices? Fraud Invoices could victimize any business. Invoice fraud is a type of attack in which a fraudster sends fraud invoices to targeted businesses. The main objective behind sending fraud invoices is to attempt to extract money from companies with vulnerabilities in their account payment processes. The challenging part is that invoice fraud goes […]

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Logix Launches A Unique Service to Fight Against Invoice Fraud

Email Auto Protect - Invoice Fraud Protection

( 4 min read ) Secure Your Billing Process From Invoice Fraud Invoice Fraud is a type of cyber attack which is fast gaining notoriety, causing huge losses to all organizations. What Is Invoice Fraud? Invoice fraud is a type of Business Email Compromise (BEC) which is causing all corporations big and small billions in losses. An invoice fraud occurs […]

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