Machine Learning Scam Targets Google Search Results

Machine Learning Scam

( 3 min read ) Google Algorithms Targeted for Manipulating Search Results The world wide web has adjusted its working to a lot of fancy terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictions etc. However, underlying to these emerging trends is a simple computer mechanism: algorithm. Your search results, your preference settings, the way your website activity is ‘remembered’ all boils […]

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Protection Against Online Scams

Protection AGainst Online Scams

( 3 min read ) Guidelines to protect yourself against cyber-scamming Digitisation has seeped into virtually all aspects of our interactions, from virtual copies of our identities to cashless forms of money. Every day, millions of digital transactions are made, some containing meagre amounts for small-scale purchases, others containing transfers of significant amounts between banks or individuals. Data from the […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 3 of 3)

safeguarding against malware

( 3 min read ) All About Malware – Safeguarding Against Malware This is Part Three of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs.  Till now, we have learned what a malware is, and the different types of malware that can cause damage to your system. In the last instalment of this blog series, we will go over some ways […]

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The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 2 of 3)

Types of Malware

( 2 min read ) All About Malware – Types of Malware This is Part Two of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs. A short recap of Part One   As we saw before, malware is harmful code that hijacks your system and causes damage discreetly. Monetary gain and illegal access to private data are two foremost motivations behind a malware attack. We have learned of […]

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Latest cryptomining malwares uninstalls cloud security software

cryptomining malwares

( 2 min read ) This is a new bread of malware! A very new malware is seen accomplishing never before seen function – uninstalling cloud security products! This new malware is capable of taking admin rights on targeted system by uninstalling the cloud-security products. Multiple occasions of the malicious activity are tied to coin-mining malware targeting Linux servers.   […]

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5 Preventive Tips to fight against Malvertising

( 3 min read ) Cyber criminals are becoming quite innovative these days. They are dedicatedly inventive themselves to come up with new techniques to trick the Internet users. What’s more, malvertising is only one of their terrible traps. In this post, we will help you comprehend what is malvertising, how it works, and how you can shield yourself from […]

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