Office365 Email Compromise – SolarWinds Faces Security Breach

Office365 Email Compromised

( 3 min read ) SolarWinds, an IT services company, recently faced issue with their email security. Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO SolarWinds, suspects a zero-day vulnerability exploitation in their O365 environment. After the Office365 email compromise, hackers gained illegal access to SolarWinds’ Orion project, which is their network performance monitoring solution. What were the gaps in Office365 Email Security? Microsoft is […]

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Logix is a Microsoft Gold Partner in India

Logix Microsoft Gold Partner

( 2 min read ) What are our offerings as a Microsoft Gold Partner? For some time now, the corporate sector has been all about collaboration. Even before the pandemic began, corporates were keen to shift as much of their work on the cloud as possible. This allowed for remote access, enterprise messaging, offsite collaboration, and easy access for employees […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication: The Devil Is In The Details

Multi-Factor Authentication leads to Microsoft Account Breach

( 2 min read ) Hackers attacked more than a million Microsoft Accounts ! If you need any more affirmation that your organisational security is indeed in your hands, then this case study is for you. Towards the beginning of the year, a shocking number of cases came to light, in which 1.2 million Microsoft accounts had been compromised. The […]

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Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite Become Hot Targets for BEC

Office 365 and G Suite fall prey to BEC

( 3 min read ) FBI Reports Suggest BEC should be treated as seriously as Ransomware For businesses, the resource that needs to be protected with utmost care is capital. To that end, businesses that are aware of security concerns are often worried about protecting themselves against ransomware attacks, as these directly burn a hole in the company purse. We […]

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IMAP is the most exploited protocol. Office 365 and G Suite cloud accounts hacked

( 2 min read ) One thing leads to another like a domino, with access to leaked credentials dumps, the speed and efficiency of brute-force attacks has improved significantly. Hackers have been targeting legacy protocols with these stolen credentials dumps. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the most abused protocol, IMAP is the protocol that bypasses Multi-Factor Authentication and lock-out […]

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Microsoft Office 365 provides new Advanced Security Features

Microsoft Office 365 with added Security features

( 2 min read ) Microsoft Office 365 is widely popular work office suite, among the SMBs. Hence, no doubt that it has become one of the favourite targets of cyber criminals for viruses, ransomware scams and phishing attacks.  Last year we encountered some vicious ransomwares, like Wannacry and NotPetya, which had wreaked havoc across the globe affecting millions of […]

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Leverage the Office 365 Collaboration tools

leverage office 365

( 2 min read ) Flexibility, mobility and simplicity is demand of the businesses. Office 365 and Sharepoint are excellent tools in the area of content management and collaboration. Sharepoint has however grown into a more complex product over time and doesn’t real fit the mobility aspect which is the need of the hour. But there are a host of […]

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How to protect your Cloud Files on Office 365

( 2 min read ) Cloud computing has been around for quite some time now and it has changed the way we work. The productivity has no doubt improved but has security improved at the same pace? One of the great product from MS has been Office 365. It has grown tremendously since its launch. There are various other cloud […]

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Increased popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in consumer & Enterprise in 2017


( 2 min read ) We generally think Microsoft dominated the enterprise apps segment only.But we forget that even our personal life revolves around Microsoft products like .xls or .doc. In a lot of ways, Office seems irreplaceable from our digital culture—even as other buzzy services like Slack or DropBox or Trello are gaining traction. Microsoft is more popular with […]

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