Beware of the increasing bank phishing frauds

bank phishing frauds

All the banks are regularly advising their customers daily for being aware of the increasing phishing frauds by cyber criminals. The fraudsters send emails to the customers which look very similar to that from a bank. The mail would ask you to re-submit account details or credit card information.¬†Hence, to remain safe from this fraud, […]

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4 things you must know about Cyber Security in the era of IoT

Security in the era of IoT

Cyber Security in the era of Internet-of-things is a changing paradigm. According to recent study by Gartner, more than half of major new business processes and systems will include an IoT component by 2020. Cisco speculates that more than 50 billion connected devices will exist by 2020 which will definitely make our lives easier in […]

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Cryptojacking Attack hits Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group became a victim of a huge Cryptojacking Attack

A big cryptojacking attack took place first time in the country last month. The target was the Aditya Birla Group – one of India’s largest business conglomerates headquartered at Mumbai. 2000 plus computers were infected by cyber criminals for cryptojacking – a cyber attack where hackers misuse the victim’s terminals and exploit their processing power […]

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Data hacked during EPFO-Aadhar seeding

epfo aadhar

Cyber criminals seem to have hacked the EPFO data which holds information like name, Aadhar card number, bank details of 2.7 Cr Indians. The vulnerabilities in Aadhar seeding with PF accounts may have been exploited to steal the data. The statement from the EPFO came amid reports of a letter¬†allegedly written by EPFO Central Provident […]

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Slingshot, an APT Malware making its way through routers in the Network


An APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) malware, Slingshot, attacks victims by entering via routers and gaining kernel access to control the device entirely. According the Kaspersky researchers, this malware has unique tactics into entering the network as well as effectively stealing sensitive information by hiding itself in the plain day light. It is created by advanced […]

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How CIO can spread cyber security awareness among the employees

CIO spreading cyber awareness among the employees

Cyber security hacks and breaches have become more widespread and are more damaging now than ever before. In the previous years, cyber security of the organization rested on shoulders of a couple of people within a security team which would cover the entire organization. However, today every individual at the organization has to be vigilant […]

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Critical takeaways for CIOs from the 2017 cyber crimes!

Critical takeaways from 2017 cyber crimes

Cyber security of an organization has evolved dramatically over the last decade. In 2017, many such cyber security attacks and data breaches caused massive damage to numerous organizations with their data as well as reputation. Here are some of the most important lessons to learn from these security breaches: Conduct regular audits for data security […]

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India is amongst the top financial markets open to Ransomware attacks!

India finance markets

India is growing, while economy is set to hit the $10trillion mark in a decade or so, clearly it is a great story but with this growth, digitization becomes great responsibility. The onus of making a robust infrastructure which helps in protecting the cyber services and digital information of the company is massive. Nearly 40% […]

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5 Must Security Precautions while using third party softwares

5 Must Precautions before using third party softwares within your products

The default Operating systems are becoming more and more resistant to attacks and hence most of the attacks take place via using third party softwares. A lot of exploits are caused by third-party plugins, even the standard ones java, adobe reader, Flash. When you use a third party software, be it a freeware or commercialized […]

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