Microsoft Email Users Fall Prey to FedEx Phishing Emails

FedEx Phishing Emails

( 3 min read ) Microsoft email users seem to be repeatedly be targeted by one phishing scam after another. One curious observation is that when Microsoft email users are targeted, the attacks are geared more towards the theft of credentials than performing malicious activities on the victim’s system. In a previous case involving SolarWinds, a similar password theft attempted […]

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Celsius Data Breach – Phishing Claims More Victims

Celsius Data Breach

( 3 min read ) Celsius, a crypto lending service, recently learned of a security break at one of their third-party service providers, leading to a data breach at their own company. All of its customers faced serious complications as they had their entire personal data exposed. Hackers infiltrated through Celsius’s third-party email distribution system, and thus were able to […]

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Ransomware Attack At Realty Firm– Possible Data Loss

Ansal Housing Ransomware Attack

( 3 min read ) A realty firm called Ansal Housing recently fell prey to a ransomware attack, which resulted in possible data loss. The firm said multiple ransomware attempts were made on its IT systems, and have been continuing since late February 2021. The firm declared the attack in a regulatory filing where they were required to provide proper […]

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Growing Concerns of Credential Theft Cases

Credential Theft Cases

( 3 min read ) Deep research into cyber security threat patterns has revealed some trends in hackers’ behaviour that are worth noting. Studies show that cyber criminals are moving away from malicious code to gain entry into their victim’s systems. More and more credential theft cases are coming to light, indicating that hacker’s will now bait victims through phishing […]

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EU Banking Regulator Victimized by Microsoft Email Hack

Microsoft Email Hack

( 2 min read ) Major Financial Institution Compromised The European Banking Authority, one of the foremost European financial regulators, recently declared it had fallen prey to a Microsoft Email Hack. While talks are still going on about the Hafnium group, a Chinese state-sponsored hacker group, it seems the flaws in Microsoft’s Exchange Server continue to be exploited. “Hafnium is […]

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4 New Hacker Groups Target Microsoft Email Servers

New Hacker Groups Target Microsoft Email Severs

( 3 min read ) After the focused attacks on Microsoft email servers by alleged state-sponsored hacking groups (known popularly as the Hafnium group), other hacking groups are now joining the party. These groups are bent on exploiting flaws and vulnerabilities in Microsoft email servers. The results of these directed hacking efforts on Microsoft’s email solution architecture are projected to […]

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Microsoft Exchange Server Flaws Affect 30,000 Companies

Microsoft Exchange Server Flaws Affect 30000 Companies

( 3 min read ) A slow-burn cyber breach has been transpiring since January, only recently coming to public attention. Due to Microsoft Exchange server flaws, around 30,000 governmental and industrial organizations had their email hacked. Microsoft has diligently patched up the MS Exchange server vulnerabilities, but according to security researchers, the victim organizations are facing immense effort in detecting […]

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Hackers Target Government Officials Through Rogue Email ID

Rogue Email ID Phishing Attack

( 3 min read ) Several officials in the government were targeted for phishing through a rogue email ID. These government officials were spread out over departmental ministries, like the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of External Affairs. The rogue email ID belonged to a compromised governmental domain. The NIC (National Informatics Centre) soon intervened, but couldn’t be sure […]

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