Logix SupportDesk Android App- Providing 24 x 7 support to all our customers

support desk3

( < 1 min read ) We believe in serving our customers without any delay. In order to provide complete and unhindered support to our 2200+ customers, we are glad to launch our SupportDesk mobile ticketing app on Google Play for an unmatched 24 x 7 Support at your fingertips! Logix SupportDesk Highlights: First-of-its-kind by any IT service provider. For ease […]

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Are your website images secured?


( 2 min read ) Malware can enter your machine through corrupted images on any website. Malware is stored in Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data. Recently instances have occurred where in hackers are hiding malware in the images and uploading such images to the Google’s official CDN (Content Delivery Network) – googleusercontent.com. How malware is embedded in an image? […]

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Why you must switch to HTTPS right now?

Secure your website with HTTPS

( 2 min read ) It is high time to switch to HTTPS. The most important question lingering here is Why to move to HTTPS? To understand why, first we need to understand what is HTTPS? The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for communication over distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is an adaptation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for secure communication over a computer network, and is […]

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Cyber Security Lessons to learn from the latest RNC Data Leak

( 2 min read ) Important lessons are learned the hard way. Republican National Committee (RNC) hired Deep Root Analytics, a data analytics firm to profile voters and they left sensitive- 9.2 billion data point amounting to information of nearly 200 million American citizens on an unsecured web server. A poorly configured amazon S3 bucket that could have led to […]

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Why do companies need Sandboxing?

wannacry ransomware

( 2 min read ) A sandbox gives you a chance to look into the future. It creates a security mechanism in which a separate, restricted environment is created in which certain functions are prohibited. Multiple organizations are breached by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) on a more frequent basis now that technology has evolved. Sandboxing is the latest trend to […]

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Which is the best choice for your organization- Shared or Dedicated web hosting?

shared or dedicated web hosting

( 2 min read ) Running a mid-sized business; choosing between a shared and dedicated web hosting can be a big challenge. Even when companies expand their e-commerce website, they often face the challenge of selecting dedicated or shared web hosting. Let us evaluate the important factors while choosing the service- What is being hosted? A shared hosting means other sites […]

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What is Penetration Testing? And Why is it important for your organization?

penetration testing

( 2 min read ) Penetration testing or commonly known as pen testing is another important way of testing your company’s preparedness for a cyber-attack. Lately, preparing for prevention against cyber-attacks has become an essential part of a board room agendas. More companies are looking at IT security as a vital aspect of company policy and spending massively to protect […]

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Finding the appropriate Content Management System(CMS) for your Organization

CMS Content Management System

( 2 min read ) In today’s market, you can find a Content Management System(CMS) at arm’s length. How do you pick the right content management system for your organization? Selecting the right CMS is a daunting task with a wide variety of open source as well as commercial offerings. A CMS is very important for coordination of marketing and […]

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