What is Penetration Testing? And Why is it important for your organization?

penetration testing

( 2 min read ) Penetration testing or commonly known as pen testing is another important way of testing your company’s preparedness for a cyber-attack. Lately, preparing for prevention against cyber-attacks has become an essential part of a board room agendas. More companies are looking at IT security as a vital aspect of company policy and spending massively to protect […]

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Finding the appropriate Content Management System(CMS) for your Organization

CMS Content Management System

( 2 min read ) In today’s market, you can find a Content Management System(CMS) at arm’s length. How do you pick the right content management system for your organization? Selecting the right CMS is a daunting task with a wide variety of open source as well as commercial offerings. A CMS is very important for coordination of marketing and […]

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Selecting A Cloud Firewall System

( 2 min read ) Cloud, the ease of use which comes with it and of course cloud firewall system has become the most talked-about topics in the industry. Traditional firewalls are not effective given the type and range of applications users are accessing. Recent cloud statistics suggests that spending on cloud will grow from $180B in 2015 to $390B […]

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6 Website Security Best Practices you must follow in 2017

Website Security Best Practices 2017

( 3 min read ) In today’s world, every day we witness a new attack on website done by professional hackers. While hearing such news, you cannot help but think whether your website is secure from such attacks. Recently DDoS attacks on Twitter, PayPal etc are few of the cases to suffer their app and websites. There are countless numbers […]

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8 Security Questions you should ask your Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting Providers

( 3 min read ) When you face security challenges with your Web hosting it can be a genuine nightmare, particularly when you don’t realize what turns out badly. What you don’t think about Website and choosing right web hosting provider but that can hurt your business. Cyber criminals are continually attempting to discover new paths to get into your […]

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