Microsoft Report on Cleverest Phishing Tactics

Microsoft Report on the cleverest phishing tactics of 2019

Microsoft Reports on the Cleverest Phishing Tactics of 2019 While for individuals it is frustrating — and threatening — how quickly cyber-criminals are evolving, for cybersecurity providers it is a matter of amused contemplation. Studying cases upon cases of successful cyber-attacks helps security providers reverse engineer tactics of the hackers to provide countermeasures preemptively. In […]

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Fake voicemail notifications targetting credentials

Phishing using fake voicemails

Fake voicemail notifications aid scammers to collect Office 365 login credentials Heard of phishing attacks? There’s been an update! They are no longer your usual garden-variety email-based attacks. As the average customer becomes increasingly suspicious of unauthorized emails in their inboxes, malicious attackers get more creative and expand their arsenal of weapons. The latest strategy […]

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Phishing goes beyond email

Phishing beyond email

While phishing expands its horizons, should your security? Expanding its customer base is one of the key strategies that a leading company uses to retain its position in the ever-competitive market. This is true for every industry and applicable to every business that wants to maximize its profits. It should not astonish you  to let […]

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The Dangers of Identity Theft

Dangers of Identity Theft

Identity Theft – what and how to stay safe? With cloud storages and online platforms growing stronger by the day, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we have digital equivalents of our identities up on the internet these days. SD Card filling up with photos? Save to Cloud! File Access necessary from all […]

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Third Party VPN services under threat of attack by the infamous APT5 Team

VPN services found vulnerable

VPN Compromised — Are you Safe? State sponsored hacking has been around for ages. It occurs when a nation’s government backs a cyber attack against another country or one of its departments. One such hacker team very active these days is the Chinese state-sponsored team called APT5. Their latest target? Virtual Private Networks. To be […]

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FakeNarrator Malware launches an all-out attack in the South-East Asian region

FakeNarrator Scam rattles South-East Asia.

Beware of FakeNarrator Malware Accessibility and Productivity play a key role in ensuring smooth functioning of any organization. Any service or product that enhances efficiency and reduces extra effort is always welcome. The tedious task of reading long documents can be made easier by using a narrator. But be careful, malicious hackers have not left […]

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NCSAM – Where Industries and the Government team up to raise Cybersecurity Awareness


It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month NCSAM is an internationally acclaimed awareness drive celebrated to promote the growing importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world. Held each year in the month of October, NCSAM is a mega-event observed across nations. It started with the primary intention of making the citizens of Canada and the USA more […]

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Rise in Phishing Attacks


Cyber Criminals Are Circling the Phishing Pond Cyber security surveys suggest that phishing is the most common type of online attack, claiming more and more victims as technology advances. Because it occurs in many forms, it might be time to familiarize yourself with phishing. There are various tricks cyber criminals use to attract unsuspecting people. […]

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Formjacking Attack And How T Protect Yourself From It

Formjacking Attack

Are you under an invisible attack? “Who would be interested in stealing data from someone like me?” he said and went on to hit ‘Submit’, oblivious to a threatening attack.  Are you someone who sighs every time you need to take pertinent precautions with your online presence? Do you know someone who might ask themselves […]

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Imperva Hacked

Cyber Threats

Imperva Hacked: API Keys, SSL Certificates Stolen Based in California, USA, Imperva offers Cybersecurity software and services designed to protect enterprise data, detect and block malicious attacks and other web-based security measures. However, Imperva itself suffered a cyber attack last week when a data breach affected users of Imperva’s Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF). This […]

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