Logix-Initiatives With Bharat Para Sneh Seva Sansthan (BPSSS)

Logix Initiatives with Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan (BPSSS)

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Logix InfoSecurity has always believed in giving back. We feel we are duty-bound to contribute to the betterment of the society we live and thrive in. One of the organizations that have been with us as part of our CSR journey is the Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sanasthan (BPSSS), which has been working tirelessly in rural Rajasthan.


Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan is a social organization body from Kota Rajasthan, committed towards betterment of underprivileged in rural India. The trust has been organizing regular activities like health check-ups, hygiene awareness, education program, food kit and basic amenities donation drive to the needy people from the remote areas.

Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan also organizes regular Health Check-ups, Operations, Awareness and Talk shows with the help of different social organization and institutions.

BPSSS is receiving help from Lyra Network India & Kinker Laproscopy & I.V.F. Hospital, and Jodo Foundation which is considered as one of the leading Hospitals in Hadoti, Rajasthan.

Logix Associates with BPSSS

We have successfully completed 3 initiatives with Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan.

Nutrition Kit Distribution

Our latest initiative with BPSSS was a nutrition program in Balkundi, Tolu Ka Luhariya, Kati Ramnagar,  and Tribal Chittorgarh.

WHEN: Dec 2021

Logix provided financial and material support in delivering nutritional kits to about 1000 children from underprivileged families.

Food & Hygiene Kits Donation Drive

Logix undertook a food and hygiene kit donation drive in partnership with Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan. Through this program, we reached out to 120 families in rural Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. We provided financial and material support for the donation program.

WHEN: 2nd to 5th July 2021

BPSSS identified needy people through their dedicated team of teachers at Balkundi Gram Panchayat. Through their study, BPSSS members selected citizens from 7 Villages, including widows, old citizens, and handicapped people.

Logistic cost was reduced with the local purchase, making sure small farmers benefited from it. Vegetables and groceries were locally purchased. Food Kits containing essential groceries and spices were prepared for distribution.

Education Program

The purpose of this initiative was to make quality education available to underprivileged students of rural India.

Logix distributed educational kits to school kids between 1st to 12th class. Our aim was to provide a conducive learning environment for students of Chittorgarh. The program covered more than 1200 tribal school kids from the most remote regions of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

WHEN: 12th Feb 2020 to 17th Feb 2020

With the on-ground efforts of BPSSS we were able to influence the educational quality received by our rural youth. This program received special appreciation from the Educational Board and villagers.


We are proud of the work BPSSS is doing and hope to associate with them for further programs.

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