The 4 Challenges of Data Protection – With Pro Tips

The Challenges of Data Protection

( 4 min read ) Today, along with monetary transactions, every business also conducts data transactions. These are in terms of acquiring customers, chasing leads, solutioning, invoicing, and customer support queries. Data is collected and disbursed at almost every process of the business servicing process, no matter what kind of company you run. All in all, data has become almost […]

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Expeditors Ransomware Attacks Put Company in Trouble

( 2 min read ) Expeditors, an American logistics and freight transport company based out Washington, USA, faces total disruption at the hands of severe ransomware attacks. The situation has grown so worse that several recovery specialist companies have joined in the operation to pull the company out of the trouble. The Expeditors Ransomware Attacks have a massive impact on […]

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Puma Data Breach – Effects of Kronos Ransomware Attacks

Puma Data Breach

( 2 min read ) The Kronos Private Cloud (KPC), which caters to several companies, recently fell victim to a ransomware threat. Following the Kronos ransomware attacks, many organizations faced the backlash. The Puma data breach was one such incident, and it resulted in the data of almost half of Puma employees to be compromised. Specifics of the Puma Data […]

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Why Professional Email for Small Businesses Is a Necessity

Why does your business need a professional email

( 3 min read ) Mailing goes with business operations like hand and glove. Today, sending and receiving emails is visceral part of day-to-day business operations. But what kind of email IDs you use make a big difference to how your business is perceived by peers and professionals. If you’re still using free emailing platforms like Gmail, we’re going to […]

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Password Strength Can Tighten Your Cybersecurity

How Password Strength Improves Your Cybersecurity

( 2 min read ) Following the best cyber safety practices in your organization can go a long way in improving your cybersecurity posture. People often undervalue the usefulness of just mastering the basics. Of the basic cybersecurity practices, your password strength is possibly the easiest one to get right. By adhering to the recommended norms for password strength, you […]

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