The ABCs of Malware – An informative Blog Series (Part 1 of 3)


Share this:   All About Malware – Introduction & Working This is Part One of the Three Part Series of Malware Blogs. Malware — short for MALicious softWARE — is a running piece of code that is written with the intent to harm your machine. The bad news is that it is evolving with time. Cyber criminals […]

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Amazon Prime Phishing Scam – Don’t fall for the “Account Frozen” Act!

Amazon Prime Locked Fake Email

Share this:   Don’t Panic Online Shoppers, Amazon Prime is NOT Locked If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you might have received an Email saying your account has been locked. Do not take it seriously. New information coming out has warned that this is a classic act used by cybercriminals to launch an all-out phishing attack.  The email starts […]

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Vloggers Under The Threat Of Phishing

vloggers targeted

Share this:   Vloggers- the latest victims of phishing attacks Phishing attacks are not only getting more sophisticated but they are also expanding their horizons. The latest target? YouTube vloggers.  There is no doubt that YouTube is an influential and effective platform for a variety of creators, entrepreneurs and organizations. It offers content creators from diverse domains […]

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The two branches of Phishing: Vishing and Smishing

vishing & smishing

Share this:   Phishing gets two new neighbours, and they are just as deadly Phishing, which is the theft of information through fraudulent identities, has branched into two new forms of cyberattacks called as Vishing and Smishing. With the outbreak of smartphones going into a boom, the cyber-criminals have shifted their focus onto mobile devices. And thus […]

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Malware In Fake Income Tax Emails


Share this:   Beware of Malware – It could be hiding in imposter income tax return emails! The internet has enabled individuals and companies to explore, innovate and expand. But it has also made life easier for scammers, malware attackers and hackers as their victims are more accessible to them than ever.   Recently, a malware was […]

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Machine Learning: A Protection Against Spear Phishing

Machine Learning Protects From Spear Phishing

Share this:   How Machine Learning can help to protect your inbox from Spear Phishing Email is the easiest medium for malicious attackers to target. Today, more than 90% of targeted Threats enter your Organization through Emails!  The main difference between a common phishing email and a spear phishing email is that the common phishing email mimics […]

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Rise in Phishing Attacks


Share this:   Cyber Criminals Are Circling the Phishing Pond Cyber security surveys suggest that phishing is the most common type of online attack, claiming more and more victims as technology advances. Because it occurs in many forms, it might be time to familiarize yourself with phishing. There are various tricks cyber criminals use to attract unsuspecting […]

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Blog03 - WAF_ Formjacking

Share this:   Are you under an invisible attack? “Who would be interested in stealing data from someone like me?” he said and went on to hit ‘Submit’.   Are you someone who sighs every time you need to take pertinent precautions with your online presence? Do you know someone who might ask themselves questions like the one […]

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Imperva Hacked

Cyber Threats

Share this:   Imperva Hacked: API Keys, SSL Certificates Stolen Based in California, USA, Imperva offers Cybersecurity software and services designed to protect enterprise data, detect and block malicious attacks and other web-based security measures. However, Imperva itself suffered a cyber attack last week when a data breach affected users of Imperva’s Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF). […]

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MS Word Trojan Malware out to steal your information

MS Word Malware Trojan

Share this:   Alert: This Trojan Malware aimed at stealing bank details and personal information is spreading via infected Word documents. Which Malware? The Ursnif Trojan, a banking malware that has existed for more than a decade in some version or another since 2007, is back with a shrewder strategy. What is new This malware is aimed […]

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