Conversation Hijacking – The Latest Sneaky Phishing Technique

Conversation Hijacking

( 3 min read ) All About Conversation Hijacking One of the biggest yet age-old perils of technology is the theft of user data and internet scams. Phishing techniques are neither new nor uncommon. However, new and improved technology brings with it the challenges of even more advanced phishing techniques, making it harder for security companies to navigate privacy-related concerns. […]

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Using Artificial Intelligence To Battle Email Phishing

Artificial Intelligence Against Email Phishing

( 2 min read ) Artificial Intelligence: A possible way to go when it comes to Email Phishing The purpose with which email was so aggressively taken up for advancements itself makes it so prone to intrusion. Email is without doubt a powerful medium for commercial and to some extent personal communication. So, to facilitate its primary purpose, email security […]

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