GSuite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution

The Zimbra-G Suite Hybrid solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s G Suite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution Any business needs mail servers to streamline their electronic communication. A powerful, properly chosen mail server can do wonders for your email communications and transactions. Most businesses have realized that only power users are utilizing the potential of the solution and general users are only using basic […]

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Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra | Hybrid Mail Solution

)365 - Zimbra Hybrid Solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s Hybrid Collaboration Solution: The Power of Two Giants at Your Disposal Collaboration is the buzzword of today’s world. Remote working has become the norm, and the lockdown gives no indication of getting over any time soon. As we get into the grove of offsite work, we are slowly getting past the initial discomfort of […]

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