Omicron Phishing Attacks Already Started

Omicron Phishing Attacks

( 3 min read ) Back when Covid-19 had started spreading around the March of 2020, we had already expressed our disgust at how cybercriminals will exploit any current event no matter how tragic or globally impacting. The Covid-19 phishing attacks were proof that hackers are always set to pounce at whatever opportunity they can get, no matter how humbling […]

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Look out for Covid-19 Related Cyber Scams

Covid Related Cyber Scams

( 3 min read ) While regulations have lifted the restrictions of strict lockdowns, common sense and the growing number of Covid-19 cases suggest otherwise. A lot of people are still stepping out of the house only when it’s absolutely unavoidable. Several industry sectors are continuing to operate from home. Individuals are depending on online shopping to fulfil their basic […]

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The Free Covid Testing Phishing Scam

Free Covid Testing - A Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) A Major Phishing Campaign Is Coming Your Way, Promising Free Covid Testing As the government dips its toes into opening up the cities again, we see the Covid-19 cases fluctuate. On the one hand, people are eager to resume normal routine, but on the other, the number of rising cases is cautioning us the worst […]

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Coronavirus Sparks A Series of Phishing Ruses

Coronavirus Phishing Ruses

( 3 min read ) Curb your instincts; don’t open emails just because they claim to contain news about the Coronavirus pandemic. We have already demonstrated in an earlier blog how empty of basic decency cybercriminals are. For them, pandemics and worldwide traumas are nothing more than fodder for sustaining their ill-intentioned campaigns. However, the purpose of this blog is […]

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Coronavirus Forces Employees to Work From Home. But What About Remote Security?

Covid-19 Forces Employees to Work From Home

( 3 min read ) Covid-19 Outbreak forcing you to work from home? Here are the best security practices you MUST follow for maximum security. Every new day is bringing new developments about the Covid-19 widespread. Very recently, we were declared to have entered Stage-3 of a pandemic, meaning that the threat of infection is no longer restricted to just […]

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COVID-19 Sparks A Series of Phishing Attacks

COVID-19 Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) Cybercriminals exploit the mass epidemic of COVID-19 Times are tough all over the world. The wide outspread of the Coronavirus is keeping us all in sweats (no pun intended) and on the edge of our seats. With new preventive guidelines spilling out each day, the masses are tensed, and it is possible that we forget […]

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