Major Data Breach of Government Computers

Major Data Breach

( 2 min read ) The National Informatics Center (NIC) and the Ministy of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) suffered a data breach in early September. The NIC is a governmental body responsible for quality information and communications technology (ICT). MeitY, in turn, promotes e-Governance for modern citizens, working towards continuous growth of the Electronics, IT & ITeS industries. A malware […]

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The Threat Of Business Email Compromise

All About BEC

( 3 min read ) Business Email Compromise Becomes the Most Common Cyber Attack Webinars are part of the ‘New Normal’ which has settled everywhere, as a mode of sharing information. The PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Delhi recently organized such a webinar where Anyesh Roy, DCP Cyber Department presided. In his speech, he declared that BEC (Business Email […]

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Tax Accounting Software Spoofed

Tax Accounting Software Falls Prey To Scam

( 3 min read ) Tax Accounting Software Misused for Phishing Scam, CEOs Under Threat A multi-national cyber organization has uncovered a large-scale cyber-attack, which hits off all the hallmarks of a phishing attack. Executives which are working at posts as high as a CEO are becoming targets. A tax accounting software called QuickBooks was misused to target employees in a technology […]

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9 Email Threats You Should Prevent

9 Types of Email Threats

( 6 min read ) Why worry about Email Security? Email is the entry point for a maximum number of cyber threats. An email attack happens when a malicious actor targets your email id with an intention to gain information, illegal system access, or direct money through funneling. We are still just halfway through the year and the monetary losses […]

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Mumbai Firm Loses 1.6CR to a Dodgy Invoice

Mumbai Form Loses 1.6CR to Dodgy Invoice

( 2 min read ) Dodgy Invoices On The Rise Yet another case of a dodgy invoice causing massive monetary losses has come to light. The perpetrators combined email spoofing and a fraudulent invoice to dupe a Mumbai-based company out of INR1.6 Crore. It was not a human error which got the company in this fix, but a lack of proper gatekeeping […]

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Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra | Hybrid Mail Solution

)365 - Zimbra Hybrid Solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s Hybrid Collaboration Solution: The Power of Two Giants at Your Disposal Collaboration is the buzzword of today’s world. Remote working has become the norm, and the lockdown gives no indication of getting over any time soon. As we get into the grove of offsite work, we are slowly getting past the initial discomfort of […]

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Newsletter from Reserve Bank Information Technology Private Limited (ReBIT) on Cybersecurity

( 2 min read ) An article shared by Mr. Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT in Cyber Pulse Newsletter brings up the development in the cybersecurity and the key insights related to it. The newsletter by Nandkumar Saravade states – Dear Friends, Lockdown imposed in India and other countries, to control the spread of COVID-19 virus infections, has compelled us to work […]

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Watch Out! Public Health Group Officials Being Imitated For Phishing Campaigns

Public Health Group Scam

( 3 min read ) Public Health Group Officials Imitated for Sending Out Phishing Emails We have already covered Coronavirus Phishing Ruses in a previous blog. However, from a majority of the cases we study and have worked with, it has become clear the reason phishing attacks are successful is because the cybercriminal used a bait which resonated strongly with the victim’s emotional state. The […]

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