COVID-19 Sparks A Series of Phishing Attacks

COVID-19 Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) Cybercriminals exploit the mass epidemic of COVID-19 Times are tough all over the world. The wide outspread of the Coronavirus is keeping us all in sweats (no pun intended) and on the edge of our seats. With new preventive guidelines spilling out each day, the masses are tensed, and it is possible that we forget […]

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Ransomware Delivers A Gut Punch To A Texas School District

Ransomware Attacks Texan School District

( 3 min read ) Ransomware: The most damaging malware? The exact magnitude of a malware attack is difficult to estimate. It depends on what sort of loss the person suffered. Losses incurred can include data loss, theft of sensitive personal information, and indirectly, credibility and trust when your customers get wind of the attack. But one unvarying commodity all […]

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The Disturbing Cybercrime Statistics in India

cybercrime statistics

( 3 min read ) Cybercrime Statistic Reports Paint A Worrisome Picture Cybercrime statistics for 2019 have been publicised, and the statistics are definitely not pleasing. While on the one hand they motivate security providers like us to work harder, they also paint a picture that does not at all correlate to the collective efforts poured towards raising citizen awareness […]

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Subject Lines Used For Phishing Bait

Subject Lines For Phishing

( 3 min read ) Subject Lines That Are Most Frequently Used as Bait We have been advocating email security very eagerly since we work with a frightening amount of test cases. Looking out for possible threats will act as a first line of defence and might possibly save you the trouble of weeding out an infection that’s bothering your […]

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The TrickBot Trojan Resurfaces

TrickBot Trojan

( 3 min read )  TrickBot Trojan Steals Data from the Windows Active Directory The TrickBot Trojan, a banking malware that earlier targeted the Windows Defender settings on Windows machines, has evolved into a malware that targets the Windows Active Directory. Besides, the trojan can also harvest emails and credentials using the Mimikatz tool. The creators of the threat are […]

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Formbook Malware spreading widely by clicking Microsoft URL shortcut files in your emails

Do not click Microsoft attachments from unknown senders Formbook

( 2 min read ) Be careful when you receive attachments to an email, it can be an entry point to Formbook Malware. Formbook malware mainly steals data from forms tracking keystrokes and form submissions, hence the name Formbook. It can also execute several commands on the victim’s machine from the attacker’s servers. It is widely being spread via malicious […]

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711 million e-mails snared in largest spam-bot

email spam-bot

( 2 min read ) A Paris-based security researcher, going by the pseudonymous handle ‘Benkow’, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands. The server stores dozens of text files containing a huge batch of email addresses, passwords, and email servers frequently used to send spam. This nefarious act is actually very smart move by the cyber […]

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