Looking to migrate Zimbra to Office 365? There’s a better alternative to upgrade: Zimbra + Office 365 Hybrid

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Alternative

( 3 min read ) Zimbra is one of the leading email collaboration solutions in the market. It is a robust, flexible and affordable mailing solution. It comes with all the features you need for messaging and collaboration. However, as per the organization’s requirement, business owners plan to migrate Zimbra to Office 365. One reason is scalability. Zimbra, while powerful, […]

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Your Office 365 Credentials Are Vulnerable To This MS Teams Phishing Attack

MS Teams Phishing Attack Steals Office 365 Credentials

( 2 min read ) It is time you should probably review the safety of your Office 365 credentials. Recently, Microsoft Teams was targeted for a phishing attack. As many as 50,000 Office 365 users are vulnerable. As we see a rise in work from home culture, the use of Microsoft Teams for remote working collaboration has increased. Read further […]

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Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra | Hybrid Mail Solution

)365 - Zimbra Hybrid Solution

( 2 min read ) Logix’s Hybrid Collaboration Solution: The Power of Two Giants at Your Disposal Collaboration is the buzzword of today’s world. Remote working has become the norm, and the lockdown gives no indication of getting over any time soon. As we get into the grove of offsite work, we are slowly getting past the initial discomfort of […]

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Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite Become Hot Targets for BEC

Office 365 and G Suite fall prey to BEC

( 3 min read ) FBI Reports Suggest BEC should be treated as seriously as Ransomware For businesses, the resource that needs to be protected with utmost care is capital. To that end, businesses that are aware of security concerns are often worried about protecting themselves against ransomware attacks, as these directly burn a hole in the company purse. We […]

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