Your Office 365 Credentials Are Vulnerable To This MS Teams Phishing Attack

MS Teams Phishing Attack Steals Office 365 Credentials

( 2 min read ) It is time you should probably review the safety of your Office 365 credentials. Recently, Microsoft Teams was targeted for a phishing attack. As many as 50,000 Office 365 users are vulnerable. As we see a rise in work from home culture, the use of Microsoft Teams for remote working collaboration has increased. Read further […]

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9 Email Threats You Should Prevent

9 Types of Email Threats

( 6 min read ) Why worry about Email Security? Email is the entry point for a maximum number of cyber threats. An email attack happens when a malicious actor targets your email id with an intention to gain information, illegal system access, or direct money through funneling. We are still just halfway through the year and the monetary losses […]

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Mumbai Firm Loses 1.6CR to a Dodgy Invoice

Mumbai Form Loses 1.6CR to Dodgy Invoice

( 2 min read ) Dodgy Invoices On The Rise Yet another case of a dodgy invoice causing massive monetary losses has come to light. The perpetrators combined email spoofing and a fraudulent invoice to dupe a Mumbai-based company out of INR1.6 Crore. It was not a human error which got the company in this fix, but a lack of proper gatekeeping […]

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The Phone Provider Phishing Scam – What is it and how to prevent it?

The phone provider phishing scam

( 3 min read ) Don’t Trust Those Emails from Your Phone Providers In this age of ransomware and Emotet botnets, old-fashioned spear phishing attempts seemed to have faded into the background. But it has come into the news again. This time, it is targeting company executives with fake phone provider emails. If you’re a decision maker at your organization, […]

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Newsletter from Reserve Bank Information Technology Private Limited (ReBIT) on Cybersecurity

( 2 min read ) An article shared by Mr. Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT in Cyber Pulse Newsletter brings up the development in the cybersecurity and the key insights related to it. The newsletter by Nandkumar Saravade states – Dear Friends, Lockdown imposed in India and other countries, to control the spread of COVID-19 virus infections, has compelled us to work […]

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Coronavirus Sparks A Series of Phishing Ruses

Coronavirus Phishing Ruses

( 3 min read ) Curb your instincts; don’t open emails just because they claim to contain news about the Coronavirus pandemic. We have already demonstrated in an earlier blog how empty of basic decency cybercriminals are. For them, pandemics and worldwide traumas are nothing more than fodder for sustaining their ill-intentioned campaigns. However, the purpose of this blog is […]

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COVID-19 Sparks A Series of Phishing Attacks

COVID-19 Phishing Scam

( 3 min read ) Cybercriminals exploit the mass epidemic of COVID-19 Times are tough all over the world. The wide outspread of the Coronavirus is keeping us all in sweats (no pun intended) and on the edge of our seats. With new preventive guidelines spilling out each day, the masses are tensed, and it is possible that we forget […]

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The Disturbing Cybercrime Statistics in India

cybercrime statistics

( 3 min read ) Cybercrime Statistic Reports Paint A Worrisome Picture Cybercrime statistics for 2019 have been publicised, and the statistics are definitely not pleasing. While on the one hand they motivate security providers like us to work harder, they also paint a picture that does not at all correlate to the collective efforts poured towards raising citizen awareness […]

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Subject Lines Used For Phishing Bait

Subject Lines For Phishing

( 3 min read ) Subject Lines That Are Most Frequently Used as Bait We have been advocating email security very eagerly since we work with a frightening amount of test cases. Looking out for possible threats will act as a first line of defence and might possibly save you the trouble of weeding out an infection that’s bothering your […]

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