Fake Invoices: How is the Emotet Botnet Attacking Financial Sectors?

Emotet Spreads Fake Invoices

( 2 min read ) The Emotet Botnet Continues Its Rampage By Spreading Fake Invoices This is the second blog this week centred around the Emotet botnet. It is on its way to becoming the deadliest cyber threat, keeping security researchers and specialists on their toes. According to cyber reports, the Emotet was responsible for two-thirds of the entire malicious […]

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Ransomware Strains In the News Again

Ransomware Strains Wreaked Havoc

( 3 min read ) Talos Incident Response Talks About New Ransomware Strains In a previous blog, we talked about how ransomware can be the costliest cyber-attack ever to harm a business. The case of the Texas School District Attack costed a sum total of $2.3 Million USD! While other attacks hit indirectly through data theft, identity theft, or system […]

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