9 Email Threats You Should Prevent

9 Types of Email Threats

( 6 min read ) Why worry about Email Security? Email is the entry point for a maximum number of cyber threats. An email attack happens when a malicious actor targets your email id with an intention to gain information, illegal system access, or direct money through funneling. We are still just halfway through the year and the monetary losses […]

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Cyber Cell Recovers Rs 65 Lakhs Lost To Invoice Fraud

Cyber Cell Averts Invoice Fraud

( 3 min read ) Cyber Cell Recovers 65 lakhs Lost To Invoice Fraud With all the negativity in the news, it is cheering to finally come across a positive event. This particular case study is a useful representative of business email compromise, and it worth studying. But moreover, you can learn from this case how well-timed intervention can reverse […]

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Delhi Police Imitated For Phishing Campaigns

Delhi Police Phishing Scam

( 2 min read ) The Enforcer Becomes the Victim It is a mark of shameful arrogance when cyber criminals pose as none other than the police themselves. Often, hackers, once having attacked a mailbox or website, will leave behind taunting note on the web-pages/inboxes as a sign of their superiority. A recent event revolving around Delhi Police brought to […]

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Fake Invoices: How is the Emotet Botnet Attacking Financial Sectors?

Emotet Spreads Fake Invoices

( 2 min read ) The Emotet Botnet Continues Its Rampage By Spreading Fake Invoices This is the second blog this week centred around the Emotet botnet. It is on its way to becoming the deadliest cyber threat, keeping security researchers and specialists on their toes. According to cyber reports, the Emotet was responsible for two-thirds of the entire malicious […]

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Ransomware Strains In the News Again

Ransomware Strains Wreaked Havoc

( 3 min read ) Talos Incident Response Talks About New Ransomware Strains In a previous blog, we talked about how ransomware can be the costliest cyber-attack ever to harm a business. The case of the Texas School District Attack costed a sum total of $2.3 Million USD! While other attacks hit indirectly through data theft, identity theft, or system […]

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Ransomware Delivers A Gut Punch To A Texas School District

Ransomware Attacks Texan School District

( 3 min read ) Ransomware: The most damaging malware? The exact magnitude of a malware attack is difficult to estimate. It depends on what sort of loss the person suffered. Losses incurred can include data loss, theft of sensitive personal information, and indirectly, credibility and trust when your customers get wind of the attack. But one unvarying commodity all […]

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Economic Impact of cyber-attacks on SMBs in 2017

economic impacts of ransomware

( 2 min read ) Cyber-criminals are now targeting Small and medium business enterprises to extort fees. Ransomware, a kind of malware that, usually, limits user to gain access to their file on the machine. Some of the malware, also known as crypto ransomware can lock very important files on the system and ask for ransom (fee) for the decryption […]

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Diablo6 – a variant of Locky Ransomware

Diablo6 Ransomware

( 2 min read ) Many ransomwares continue to spread because email is ubiquitous and users are not cautious to maintaining cyber security. Such is an example of the latest ransomware – Diablo6, a variant of an older Locky ransomware. A spam mail with subject as E [random date]( random number). docx and an attachment of a Zip with the […]

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