Corporate Email Eavesdropping: Is Someone Spying On You?

Corporate Email Eavesdropping

( 3 min read ) A Mysterious Hacker Group Has Been Spying on Corporate Email and FTP Traffic We have discussed in an earlier blog how recent times have encouraged the Work from Home Culture. Almost all correspondence has shifted to email, with decreasing reliance on telephonic communication, even less so on person-to-person contact. Directives, action plans, and work summaries […]

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The Google Calendar Spam: Something you need to know?

( 3 min read ) Google Calendar Falls Prey to Spammers¬† A rather unique spamming technique has been making headlines. Spammers are now gmail users by sending them a spam email with an invitation to a random event. Google Calendar automatically adds the event to itself.¬† The body of the event contains a spam link or some objectionable content. Targets […]

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