Cyber Cell Recovers Rs 65 Lakhs Lost To Invoice Fraud

Cyber Cell Averts Invoice Fraud

( 3 min read ) Cyber Cell Recovers 65 lakhs Lost To Invoice Fraud With all the negativity in the news, it is cheering to finally come across a positive event. This particular case study is a useful representative of business email compromise, and it worth studying. But moreover, you can learn from this case how well-timed intervention can reverse […]

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Delhi Police Imitated For Phishing Campaigns

Delhi Police Phishing Scam

( 2 min read ) The Enforcer Becomes the Victim It is a mark of shameful arrogance when cyber criminals pose as none other than the police themselves. Often, hackers, once having attacked a mailbox or website, will leave behind taunting note on the web-pages/inboxes as a sign of their superiority. A recent event revolving around Delhi Police brought to […]

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