Mumbai Firm Loses 1.6CR to a Dodgy Invoice

Mumbai Form Loses 1.6CR to Dodgy Invoice

( 2 min read ) Dodgy Invoices On The Rise Yet another case of a dodgy invoice causing massive monetary losses has come to light. The perpetrators combined email spoofing and a fraudulent invoice to dupe a Mumbai-based company out of INR1.6 Crore. It was not a human error which got the company in this fix, but a lack of proper gatekeeping […]

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Cyber Attack Cases Rocket During The Pandemic

Cyber Attack Cases On the Rise During the Pandemic

( 3 min read ) Cyber Attack Cases Grow at A Worrisome Rate During the Pandemic The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has been very taxing and is likely going to continue for quite a while. Businesses seem to have stopped fretting the inevitable and have accepted that WFH is going to continue for some time. Work timings may not be as […]

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Newsletter from Reserve Bank Information Technology Private Limited (ReBIT) on Cybersecurity

( 2 min read ) An article shared by Mr. Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT in Cyber Pulse Newsletter brings up the development in the cybersecurity and the key insights related to it. The newsletter by Nandkumar Saravade states – Dear Friends, Lockdown imposed in India and other countries, to control the spread of COVID-19 virus infections, has compelled us to work […]

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Coronavirus Forces Employees to Work From Home. But What About Remote Security?

Covid-19 Forces Employees to Work From Home

( 3 min read ) Covid-19 Outbreak forcing you to work from home? Here are the best security practices you MUST follow for maximum security. Every new day is bringing new developments about the Covid-19 widespread. Very recently, we were declared to have entered Stage-3 of a pandemic, meaning that the threat of infection is no longer restricted to just […]

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