Trend Micro Cloud App Security for Office 365


Trend Micro Cloud App Security keeps out ransomwares and other malwares from Office 365. It stops phishing and targeted attacks from entering your organization. Trend Micro consists of following additional features:

  • Uncovers hidden malwares including those inside Office 365
  • Leveraging sandbox malware analysis enhances the security
  • Protect cloud file sharing from threats and data loss
  • Direct cloud-to-cloud integration preserves all functionality
  • Communicate and collaborate more confidently in the cloud with all the added security

At Logix Infosecurity , our mission is to help companies to stay protected and safe. We want every organization to take preventive actions before they are victim of Phishing, Spamming, Spoofing or Ransomware. Trend Micro is an ideal cloud security App assisting and enhancing security for Office 365.

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