Russian Threat Group After 14,000 Gmail Accounts

Russian Threat Group Target 14,000 Gmail Accounts

( 2 min read ) Share this:   A Russian-linked hacker group, APT28, purported to have been on a month-long phishing rampage, targeting Gmail accounts. According to Google, who publicized a security update on the 8th of October, 14,000 Gmail accounts were targeted by this Russian threat group. Read ahead to understand how hacking groups select and target victims, and how preparedness […]

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The 7 Worst Data Breaches of 2021

Top 7 Worst Data Breaches

( 4 min read ) Share this:   Because every business is now online, it generates plenty more data than it used to previously. Naturally, it needs to store this data somewhere. To manage the volume and availability of this data, it is stored digitally, most often up on the cloud. That’s why data has become as valuable as actual money, both […]

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Ransomware Trends In 2021

Ransomware Trends in 2021

( 4 min read ) Share this:   Ransomware attacks have been on a steady rise in 2021, both in number of ransomware attacks and also ransom amounts. There are trend shifts also in the ransomware targets, with more and more hackers pressing where it hurts most: pivotal infrastructure and software supply chains. An attack so deep into a system is bound to leave trailing mayhem…  The analysis […]

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Ransomware Attacks Rise By 64%

Ransomware Attacks Rise

( 3 min read ) Share this:   Between August 2020 and July 2021, there has been a 64% increase in ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity researchers analysed 121 ransomware incidents in this window period and determined a 64% year on year increase. Trends and findings Were these augmented attacks carried by newer gangs of cyber criminals? They weren’t. All of the analysed ransomware […]

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GoDaddy Data Breach – Data of 1.2 million Customers At Risk

GoDaddy Data Breach

( 2 min read ) Share this:   A popular web hosting provider and domain registrar, GoDaddy, recently fell prey to a serious data breach which led to the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy Customers being exposed. It was around November of this year that the GoDaddy data breach was discovered. A Brief on the GoDaddy Data Breach Chief Information Security Officer, […]

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Indian Organizations Face Rise in Cybersecurity Attacks

India Faces Increased Cybersecurity Attacks

( 2 min read ) Share this:   Several organizations in India, belonging to an eclectic group of industry sectors have recorded an increase in cybersecurity attacks. 32% of the respondents to a survey (the State of Cybersecurity Part 2 from Information Systems Audit and Control Association) indicated that they had experienced a higher number of cyber-attacks than the previous year. Of […]

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5 Security Benefits of Next Gen Firewalls (NGFW)

5 Security Benefits of Next Gen Firewalls

( 3 min read ) Share this:   An NGFW is a staple part of any security fabric today because it’s built to protect cloud data and network requests. And let’s face it, that’s where a majority of the applications are hosted today. What it means for your business is, even if you consciously don’t dabble in cloud services, there’s a high […]

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US DoT Impersonation Leads to Massive 2-Day Phishing Scam

US DoT Impersonation

( 4 min read ) Share this:   As we continue arming ourselves and helping companies arm themselves against modernized cyber threats, cases like these make us realize hackers do still rely on the oldest tricks in the book to pull of their dirty deeds. The United States Department of Transportation was recently targeted for perpetrating a 2-day phishing scam. The DoT […]

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Become a part of NCSAM 2021

NCSAM 2021 - National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

( 2 min read ) Share this:   Being #CyberResponsible With NCSAM 2021 Every year, October is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). This year more than ever, we need this event to be as inclusive as possible. The more strata of organizations do their part in becoming #cyberresponsible, the better chances we have of quelling the huge waves of […]

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